Which youtube clients are the best for android?

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NewPipe, post Amber

I tried newpipe it was slow, I hope they fixed it cause gonna download it now.

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I was going to mention other options but you didn't post Amber

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I'm still using vanced
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If you can get it it's basically just the default youtube app without ads. Is slowly breaking down since it's not maintained anymore.
Patcher that patches a regular youtube app to achieve basically the same result as vanced, and has even more optional changes. Not totally finished yet, I couldn't get the manager to work.
Client completely independent from the offical youtube one, loses some functionality as a result like posting comments or getting recommendations or whatever. Also breaks fairly regularly. But it's the FOSS option.

So you say newpipe and vanced are the options for now. I don't care whether is foss or not but I'll go with newpipe ig

>mobile browsing while lying down on your bed is comfy
Yeah its fucking comfy af when you get used to it it becomes much harder to use PC

Firefox mobile with ublock and play in background fix

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Revanced is also an option, but the manager doesn't work for me. However it does for some and you can do the patch without the manager too, it's just more fiddly.