I thought these guys were feds for months, but I looked them up on Telegram and they do regular posts...

I thought these guys were feds for months, but I looked them up on Telegram and they do regular posts. What would be the point in keeping some fed operation around this long? Was I being conned by you fuckers calling them feds?

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It’s mostly a bunch of based zoomers.

>Why would the Feds run a honeypot to ensnare future patsies and school shooters for the kike fed bullshit?

...Are you literally retarded or are you some faggot kike fed OP?

Conservakikes and commies hate them.

whatever they are, they're better than faggot america first

because they need to keep the paychecks coming...Whoever runs budget at the feds bureau should have pulled the plug a long time on these cringelords.
I mean there has been so many public instances of complete, clear embarrassment and transparency as to their glowie nature. The whole project should have been memory holed a decade ago...

Absolutely feds

>Dont join patriot front just vote harder, trust the plan and wait for the next fake and gay conservative distraction
The fact that communists and MIGA types repeat the same exact spiel should raise a red flag.

>you fuckers
no you were conned by literal de-escalation shills and tran sexual groomers.

>you fuckers calling them feds
shills and retard boomers are the only ones calling them feds


They are lack faith in Christ:

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>Faith in christ
>Christian orthodorx russia gets raped by globohomo ukraine

>muh extremist group
>not a single event done for the cause but cringe parades
They are feds

And russia is lacking winning...

i prefer this honeypot over the antifa one

"america first" was stolen by neo cons from trump. So you got that right.

you just called them extremist and said they do nothing but parades in the next line. do you have down syndrome?

i'm referring to fuentes' impotent catboy harem that fronts as a dissident political movement

>Any kind of resisting or organizing is just the feds! Don't do it!
>The truly based shitpost on Any Forums all day to no effect.
One way you can tell if they're feds is if they are trying their best to make real changes in the world or if they are plotting some retarded terrorist attack. If you start talking them and they want you to blow up a mall, shoot some people, attack a military base, etc - probably are feds, at least the ones you're talking to. If they want you to do legal actions to promote their point of view? Probably not.

>no guns
These are not my people.

The cuckservative of today would turn his back on John Adams and George Washington risen from the grave and handing them guns and pleading for them to do something.
Of course they call everyone with an ounce of masculine energy a fed.

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