Nintendo brings back censorship

>censorship policies

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>muh cooming
I don't give a fuck

Fuck off porn addict

>muh cooming
Stay here porn addict.

isn't this literally a hentai game?

As a proud transwoman, I'm happy to see Nintendo get with the times. Tnis filth does not deserve a platform on their consoles.


Unironically go outside and touch grass. Stop spending your time crying about pixels.

>"Its ok when nintendo does it"

>Le Outrage Twitter Bait

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lmao get fucked coomers

die troon

Looked it up. It doesn't have any explicit sexual stuff like penetration but yes, it's got full nudity, visible vulvas and is just coombait.

I hate sex negative people so fucking much. I don’t know how a country that celebrated total victory with cocaine and a hooker orgy became the most puritanical tyrants on the planet.

They submitted (they claim at least) a game without an ESRB/PEGI/CERO/Whatever rating. And is shocked that it didn't go through while farming controversy on twitter.
The version on Playstation isn't even the same version of the game. It's a censored version that could be rated without getting an Adult Only rating, hence why it went through eventually.

Not a single platform has to support your degeneracy, it's entirely up to them if they don't want porn on their store. It's not censorship. Coomers are the most pathetic people.

>touch grass
Go back

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it really is over

This game had a vulva depicted in it and they're acting like it didn't

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wow, i think i'll be sticking with Steam Deck

can be ban viral marketing threads?

Thanks for outing yourself, you retarded plebbitor.

Excessive porn is a disease. It's not sex negativity, it's wanting to fix a mental illness.

If it's an M-Rated game then what's the problem?