Let's admit it

We are fucked. This is the worst thing I've ever seen and there is no way out. How are we supposed to be taken seriously when idiots like this exist?

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Movie about a passoid hit(wo)man who covertly kills people like this to improve the public perception of trans women overall

>user finds out people who are trans are more likely to mentally ill and fucked in the head
so innocent

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No hate to her as a person, but I feel like she’s the next “it’s ma’am” the next Yaniv, the next Chris-chan, the next singular person who unironically sets back public opinion of trans people by a bit. What do y’all think? Ngl I feel bad for her, this is some brain broken stuff to go out like that. Never rep.

Who wore it better teeter?

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She do pass doe

The fact that we can't even call this out is due to an intentional program by MEFs to conflate themselves with normal trans women and exploit the goodwill normies have for us.

We need to be able to call these freaks out for what they are, and we aren't able to do that as long as tucutes and anti-gatekeepers keep letting these "people" under the umbrella

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isnt there an xmen comic about this exact premise

Ok but make it about trannies

She is a woman you self-hating bigot

I fucking hate that this is taking up so much space

literally and figuratively

/polgbt/rician bros we intra-boarding this weekend niggers

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Makes it easy to seem normal by comparison. I get told by cissoids the sentiment I’m “one of the good ones” frequently just by being normal and patient. Yeah, it makes people expect you to be a loon or perhaps walk on eggshells around you, but the standard being so ridiculous makes it easy to disprove it.

mogs you my nigga?

She is valid bigot

this is pure porn addiction nothing more nothing less. but the lax standards and gate keeping means people like this can abuse the trans rights others are fighting for

>first result for just typing trans woo in Google in incognito mode
Oh fuck normies KNOW

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You are full of shit. We cannot call it out because this is basically what trannies stand for at this point.

I don't even understand
Like what
Are those things like some kind of surgical creation?
Or is she just wearing two pregnancy simulators
Idk how this was allowed. Like somebody hired this person? Or did they troon out after getting the job?
I guess not everyone is valid

How do we make people know the difference between drags, MEFs and real trans people?

(There is no difference)

dumbass. don't have time for people like you

most reasonable people can intuitively tell. they just need permission to admit it

Theres no difference honestly, it's all gay shit. For whatever intents and purposes if you did some gay shit you're a gay motherfucker. Hell, even women that fuck other women are no different from this teacher. It's all degeneracy, you just gotta own it.

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it doesnt even show up
have rightoid grifters picked it up yet

I mean yeah, the avg normie can tell that hunter is not whatever the fuck this is. It sucks that ftms have to be grouped with hyperfem theyfabs and mtf have to be grouped with MEF addicts. I wish people called out this shit

ahahaha omg
i haven't had this much of laugh here in ages what a legend

>everyone is valid and the only thing that matters is how one chooses to identify!
>NO NO NO NOT THAT CLOWN, hes just a man with a fetish!
The troons are soooooo close to getting it

If you identify as a women you are a women.
This is only fault of poor rethoric and its well deserved.

Yeah true not in image results, yet. But Any Forums knows, and from Any Forums it spreads to Reddit, and from Reddit to Twitter, and once it hits Twitter, everyone knows.

>they just need permission to admit it
i've shown some of my cis friends it's maam (believe it or not most have never seen it) and they seem almost relieved to be able to laugh at it with me

Yea everyone wants to laugh at you all the time dude.

>at you
with me
check your eyes, and then suck my dick