Martha's Vineyard illegals deported from island to Joint Base Cape Cod

>The migrants will be sent voluntarily to Joint Base Cape Cod, said Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, who added he's activating up to 125 National Guard members to assist the relief effort.
The utter fucking hypocrisy... What happened to muh diversity? Unironically, Democrats are the real racists.

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>125 National Guard members


Kek... so that's almost three guns to the head of every migrant for daring to step foot into their precious little kike community.

Every one of those goddamn demons deserves the most violent and painful death possible.

>Every one of those goddamn demons deserves the most violent and painful death possible.
well you have the guns and them in your neighbourhoods
noone will do it for you

They need to send more to get their point across. A weak spot had been hit and nothing will bring attention quicker to the border problem

Big Ron needs to double the next plane load every time they deport the illegals from the island. make it 100 next flights now.

>yes, bring more of them deeper into our country so as they can use all of our resources equally
The amount of people waking up to reality is small compared to the amount of fuel spent for this game.

>125 NGs to handle 50 people
The old "Segregation or get Kent State'd" method of governing. They really want to look like humanitarians while they remove the browns from their island enclave.

>Just let DHS bus them around instead
If the field is on fire, force your enemy down wind

There's already like 50 million illegals. (They have been saying 11 million for 4 decades.) These illegals are already everywhere even the northeast, a couple thousand compared to hundreds of thousands or millions in a region is nothing but being strategicly dropped off to gett the attention of the democrats city centers and suburbs gets the point y across that they dont k now what it spike to have 5 million come in one summer when they are put into shock with a couple hundred or thousand in their local regions

Those leftist bigots are sending those poor migrants to a literal concentration camp!

>living in a military prison
Those monsters

They need to be dropped off in Vermont too that is a bluebraineashed shit whole but their vote is weak anyway. But they do have 2 senators. They need to be dropped off in NYC specifically manahattan maybe central Park? Also Boston. Boston is way cleaner and nice still (kinda) they need to be dropped off in highly visible areas where there will have to be an emergency response to deal with them broadcasted on the news. Or they will camp there in plain sight. Every single blue state city epicenter.

MIAMI – Responding to a question about an upsurge in Cuban migration during a recent interview on a South Florida Spanish-language radio station, Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez said the administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis will send migrants who arrive to Florida illegally to Delaware.

Nuñez’s comments on WURN, “Actualidad 1040,” drew a strong rebuke from the two Democrats seeking to oust DeSantis in November.

But a spokesperson for the Governor’s campaign later said Cubans coming to South Florida would be exempt.

After being asked about the historic wave of Cuban migration to South Florida, Nuñez said, in part: “That’s why the governor has worked with the legislature, to secure funding to make sure…that people that are coming illegally…that they don’t stay here with their arms crossed, thinking about what they will be able to do. We are going to send that person, frankly, to Delaware, the president’s home state.”

Cuban-Americans, particularly those in South Florida, are a key constituency for DeSantis’ Republican Party. Cuban-Americans identify with the GOP by a 20-point margin, according to Pew Research.

Responding to criticism, DeSantis campaign spokesperson Christina Pushaw clarified Nuñez’s remarks vis-à-vis Cuban migrants in a tweet Saturday afternoon, drawing a distinction between Cuban migrants and those who enter the country illegally.

Pushaw says the comments were taken out of context

They were going to send Cubans to Delaware but then backtracked, DeSantis campaign says illegal immigration is alright as long as they vote Republican

It's almost like they're treating this like a natural disaster

DeSantis campaign spokesperson Christina
Pushaw said. “If someone came to Miami on a raft from Cuba to escape communist repression, that person is legal (because they’re a) refugee.

This will policy will soon be expanded to immigrants from communist Venezuela and Nicaragua

Miami has been the traditional point of entry for Cuban immigrants, but tens of thousands have been filtering through the Texas-Mexico border at Laredo.

“The pipeline has shifted,” Burnett says. “Quite remarkably, the Cubans are streaming across the international bridges from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico into Laredo, Texas.”

The Miami sector border patrol and U.S. Coast Guard have reported a significant increase in illegal migration and migrant encounters. Since Oct. 1, Border Patrol agents have responded to more than 210 migrant landings — a 330% increase compared to the last fiscal year.

The Coast Guard reported a 450% increase in at-sea interdictions of Cuban migrants.

Migrants are using homemade vessels, mostly from Cuba and Haiti, coming ashore in Miami. Resources are stretched thin within CBP Air and Marine Operations and the Coast Guard

There's not much else to say... they've shown their asses enough.

The Boston metro region has 6 million people and over 5 million illegals got over the border so far this year. Imagine just a million being in Boston area? Or DC area or NYC or Pittsburgh or Las Vegas and turn Nevada red overnight or Portland Oregon actually too. Seattle.

>relief effort for 50 people
>8000 people come into border towns DAILY

they won't even look at themselves will they?

>125 National Guard members
for 50 migrants.. wtf?

This is exactly the point

>Martha's Vineyard illegals deported from island to Joint Base Cape Cod
So you're saying now they have room for more ? Great, send them 4,000.

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Is Joe Biden prepping the cages again for his new found friends?

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>Ilegals still in the country
>Desantis and Abbit didn't fly them to somewhere out of the country
>Somehow this discourages illegals from coming into the country
>Reality is more will come in because brainlet governors gave them the luxury of a plane or bus ride


do they know what that word means?

>Imagine just a million being in Boston area?

there are probably a million in fucking eastie alone

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Remember when Any Forumsniggers unironically thought they would be staying on the island? You fucking retards fell for a jewish psyops yet again.

I had a stroke reading this

Voluntold lol

This was the point. Cons have played nicely for the last 8 years while these children take hold. It’s over for groomercrats and feds. We will no longer allow you to groom and touch children.

Once again the US government has allowed tens of millions of illegals to flood across the border for decades while the corporate media demonized anyone who complained. A few dozen illegals sent to a wealthy mostly liberal shithole and it makes headlines

Sent 10,000 illegals from both Texas and Florida to Martha's Vineyard then let's see how insane the US government and corporate media will react. Those in thr media have already compared DeSantis not Hitler imagine who over the top the government and media will be when there are illegal encampments on every property in Martha's Vineyard

Groomercrat/fed post. Lots of these exactly like this. Disregard any posts like this or talking about replacement theory. Divide and conquer groomercrats.