WON: CM Punk sucker punched Matt Jackson

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, CM Punk sucker punched Matt Jackson as he knew a brawl was going to happen.

>Meltzer said both sides and every version is that Punk threw the first punch, that a fight broke out, and that Ace Steel hit Nick Jackson in the eye with a chair very hard and bit Omega and pulled his hair. Dave said that the motivations from the Punk side were that he believed a fight was going to happen and punches would be thrown so he beat them to the inevitable punch that the claim is Matt Jackson was going to throw. Those close to the other side labeled it as a sucker punch. Dave also said from the Steel standpoint it was about protecting his wife, who had a broken foot and was in the room, although escalating the fight and using a weapon has to be questioned for a producer with that in mind with his wife in the room.


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I think we’re getting close to The Elite comeback while Punk and Steel will be gone quietly. I see this as an absolute win

>The bucks were about to start a fight
Damn Phil's really grasping at straws

>The Elite said it was a sucker punch so it was a sucker punch

>Meltzer said
Okay thanks for letting me know its bullshit.

Not for the ratings.

Imagine being scared of him

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Dude really wants to have a win under his belt. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he has to resort to sucker punching anyone who slights him

>so afraid of Matt Buck you have to sucker punch them and throw chairs
yeah im thinking based. The Elite had them shaking in their boots.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY *picks up a chair* and swings it at someone in the face "in self-defense"

yeah it's over punk bros..,

Kek this is based niche manlet walks into the stars room trying to be tough and gets hit. Wonder who Dave talked to yesterday? I hope they don't fire anyone and these drama school fags can shoot on each other in the ring

steele literally fought because he heard what CM Punk said. & so it'd look bad on him if he didn't go to war with Punk, that's it.

>I hope they don't fire anyone and these drama school fags can shoot on each other in the ring
Tony is far too bitch made to fire anyone except Ace so this might go down.

Phil was so quick to start a fight by sucker punching Matt that he didn't realize the Chief Legal Officer Megha was right behind the Elite
He's 100% done, every single witness says that he started the fight by assaulting an EVP unprovoked

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Dynamite did just fine last week and this week without Punk and the Elite.

nice try ace you're ass is gone

The young bucks told me it was all Punk's fault and they didn't do nothing- Dave Meltzer

Dindu nuffin. Justice for Matt Jackson. I can't breathe


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If all these "Punk bad" things happened, why did Cutler delete the video evidence?

So each member of the elite got heem’d without delivering any physical blows to the other side? They got pissy over punk’s comments, brought a mod with them to confront Phil, and each of them got their ass beat?

I hope CM Punk gets sued for every penny to the point he commmits suicide

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With a torn freaking tricep

Megha is just as much to blame for letting them go

He already lost to one Jackson and he'll be damned if he'll lose to another

Legal girl probably told him to delete it, maybe thinking that it would leak and do more damage to the company. I feel he wouldn't delete it right away otherwise because he could watch it back to see the implications and evidence for or against his boys and then delete if needed.

they forced themselves into a room but got sucker punched when they forced themselves in!
won't someone think of the cucks?!

because he didnt?