Who mogs?

Who mogs?

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Idk but pic related

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Asian women.

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I mog all of them, they look like they can bench fuck all.

Bottom center

Center bottom and bottom left

Top right. Bottom left is gross and looks like my sister!

All of top row has 1000 cock stare

Post sister

Im a southern european and those are all 10s to me,I guess bottom right mogs but who cares.
The asian would be an 8 very beautiful.
Yes pic related is me.

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Top left, all of you are plebs.

bot right

Bottom right, Bottom left.
I would fuck your sister.

please post your disgusting sister wearing the tiniest thong she has user, I wanna see how fucking disgusting she really is

Legit looks like a tranny


>Like the lazy eye mongoloid


5 is the only one that looks like a woman

this is such a strong example how being good looking depends a lot on who you're close to. bottom right literally looks like she's 5/10 compared to the other girls, but I'd rate her a solid 9/10 if you posted her picture alone

top left and bottom center are gorgeous.

They are all 10/10, personalitymog would have to decide.


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Bottom center prettiest, bottom left best genes overall


Judging from the pictures 5 & 6 have the best personalities

show teeth = good personality

Only purest virgin, traditional upbringing, caring and submissive woman deserves my attention in this hypothetical situation on imageboards.

In women, ya

I agree with this, if one of them came to an event and was louder, funnier, more confident, and was clearly better at talking to Chad, she'd be the one to go home with him.

1 being the best and 6 being the worst

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Yep, it’s a sign of submission (feminine)

Swap 5 and 6 and I agree

not disagreeing, just found it funny

I knew all you virgins would pick the ugliest girl as your favorite lmao

But who is she submitting to, her Instagram followers?

they are already ranked from top left to bot right

Ugliest ones are the two in the middle. the center bottom blonde has a disproportionally large face

Partly that. Being an attention seeking whore is a feminine and trait and you, as a man, should find it attractive in a woman.