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>Hitting the wall edition


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I just wanted to remind people that Stannis is a Greenchad. He said: "...even Rhaenyra Targaryen. She was daughter to one king and mother to two more, yet she died a traitor's death for trying to usurp her brother's crown."

>b-but how, i though stannis followed the law???

Here's the thing that most people here dont get: Stannis follows Natural Laws, not the laws of kings. The laws that intrinsic in the very bones of the people of the continent. Sons after fathers, younger brothers follow older brothers, family comes before kings.

he explicitly states that
>"The choice was between my brother and my king. Aerys II was rightfull king by all the laws of westeros. But there are deeper older laws"
And that's why he followed robert instead of siding with the mad king.

It's also why he doesnt blame the lords and knights who figh for joffrey. He says:
>"These pardoned lords would do well to reflect on that. Good men and true will fight for Joffrey, wrongly believing him the true king. A northman might even say the same of Robb Stark. But these lords who flocked to my brother’s banners knew him for a usurper. They turned their backs on their rightful king for no better reason than dreams of power and glory, and I have marked them for what they are. Pardoned them, yes. Forgiven. But not forgotten."

>but h-he named his daughter, his heir.
Yes. Because surpirise surprise, natural law works like that when you dont have male heirs. He legit offered Renly the title of official heir, over shireen. Renly who was rebelling against him. When renly died, guess what? No more official Baratheon male heirs. So shireen becomes the heir. I believe there was even an attempt to get Edric Storm/Gendry as heir in the books but I cannot remember.

All blackfag stans died at the bottom of the trident

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What exactly did Prince UOOHHmond mean by this?

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Both the actress became cuter

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Is that criston fighting aemond


>middle left top

wow they actually made Matt Smith look older too. interesting.

>no dusky woman gf

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Clearly Aemond is /our/guy

That's a lie and you know it. Milly is now and forever the better Rhaenyra

They're practicing. Aemond wrecks Ser Crispin

No one cares about Stannis.

‘Ate Targs
‘Ate Hightowers
‘Ate politicking
‘Ate dragons
Luv the Norf
Luv beheadings
Simple as

Alicent's actor 100% became cuter
Rhaenyra's? No way

Probably sparring

fair enough

I'd like to withhold judgement for now, until all the facts are in.

>Craven greentard finally changed it to 'blackfag stans' instead of 'blackfags' because he got reminded that his husbando is a Black descendant

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Training you retard fuck

Milly Alcock isn't that hot.

Based on looks and attractiveness alone, the older Rhaenyra is clearly inferior
But at least it's accurate to the book in that regard

Science-fiction actually comes across as more fantasy than fantasy, if we're going by bars like Star Trek. Sorry, bro.

Just imagine inserting yourself into a world where disintegrator pods teleport people around. "You're killing them!" you scream, but to no avail. You expect their science to be sound, but it isn't, because meta-fictional outlooks. You explain to them why there is no noise in space, and they look at you funny.

The perfect timeline

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what's your problem dude

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[swings down from vine]
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[thumps chest]
[bites you]
[steals your banan]

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He's probably in the top 5 most beloved ASOIAF character for book readers, showonly faggot.

>black hair