Peng edition

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Knappers burger - double beef, bacon, cheese and onions at Knaphill FC


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It's over, Rorke.

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Australian women are built for BBC (Big Bruce Cock)

coorrr poo is so peng lads
phwoaaarrr i said

peng peng

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Far more attractive than Pokimane.

me scranning spaghetti

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utterly vile

got people calling me "boss" for the first time after being promoted. if only they knew the loathsome runt that lies within

you can't have power without knowledge just as surely as you can't have poo without bums

Queue resumed
Waiting time is 25 hours

>no chips

going to turn this fella into a low effort informative animation series for children

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i now believe you aren’t 190

how's this rank on the scranometer?

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me when demanding a new thread

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would scran

*inflates nasal sac towards you*

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where the fuck is knaphill

I refer to the previous thread

fucking knife ears

where's the blood from?

... seasideMARK ... Hacks on my PC de lads ... Marcus Hausen trolling again ...


Struggling to imagine the sort of servile scrote who queues for 13 hours to see some dead bint in a box.


can't stop laughing at this, anyone know the context of the clip?

genuinely left desposits in my toilet that look surprisingly similar

imagine popping that with a pin

scran status: scrandelectable

based and nasal pilled

nigga you eat kfc every day in a country where the hygiene standards are borderline septic tank tier

might look grim, but i believe that in-fact tastes PENG

Why are poms eating South Australian classics? How does that happen?

did that recently with a bunch of mates and beat them all. good driver me

need some good images lads. funny images


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Leftypol exposed


which one of you is the mentally ill one

just you

trick is to not give a shit for your own safety

kek, this is me

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just remembered i enjoyed this book as a kid. anyone else?

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dam my brothers son is ugly lol looks kinda retarded idk

still can't wrap my head around thousands of people standing in the freezing dark all night, then going to work

own 3 pairs of joggers me

yes lad YES

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Thats a hen do full of 35 year olds.
Anyone who works in the city sees dozens of women more attractive than Pokimane dialy

enjoy your erectile dysfunction and heart disease

>looks kinda retarded idk
how old were your brother and his wife when the kid was born?

yeh i just floored it the entire time.
couldnt be too reckless though as any dangerous driving copped you an immediate disqualification and they had jobsworths all over the track

was only allowed to read the quran

this was never a good gimmick

what's your favourite horror film /brit/?

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Didn't mean to include that pic

hes 26 and shes 23

the way i look at it is you can’t flip a go-kart so fuck it

paranormal activity 3

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The Queen vigil thing used to be out of earnest respect, now people are treating it as a social event

nigga u gay

Any other horrid genetic cul-de-sac man in?

Do you prefer American history girls


Or English history girls?


rosemary baby

rorke on the ropes

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the queens coffin stream is shockingly white for london

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>he doesn’t take ashwagandha, vit d3+k2, zma, omega 3 daily

piss off you stupendous virgin

I thought maybe they were too old if the kid if weird looking

always wondered what the send off would be like when liz croaked and it seems pretty good so far.


>Public warned queue to see Queen's coffin could close again as wait time passes 24 hours

English one is far more attractive than Pokimane.

have to agree with the exorcist honestly mate
just set the standard ini x

once you realize the fastest way to corner a go kart is to slide it gives you a massive edge over the average casual, im 6'4 and weigh 16 stone but i was absolutely mogging all my smaller mates cos they were trying to keep traction to corner properly which is slow as fuck in a go kart

i just have a decent diet

Got my sac out

New Labour? New danger.

This girl looks ludicrously British
She's got the 'look' you know? You know what I'm talking about?

knew this from mario kart

war has an eerie aesthetic to it

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proof? xx

you think rasheeds and niggers really have any loyalty to the country at all, let alone the royal family?

willy waking up

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I don't know because she isn't, thick twat

shes fit too and my brothers a handsome chap, reckon it could be cos its a newborn and its a bit runty but grim if its actually retarded

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>he doesn’t eat steak, eggs, chicken, pasta and kale every day

I don't consume sneed oils so I'm good thanks x

She's 100% Aussie. She's instantly recognisable to an Aussie eye.

again you’ve just got to not give a shit
reckon it’s the same for F1


probs alien if that counts.
there dont seem to be that many decent horror films.
i quite liked the original Amityville horror when i was a kid. probably shit now.

Far more attractive than Pokimane.

yeah newborns are all ugly

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26 year old John Jones died after 28 hours of being stuck upside down in a cave. Rescuers believe he had "sucked in his chest" to go further in the cave and became stuck when his chest expanded again.

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only got one and they shrunk in the wash

think most people struggle to adopt that mentality due to how slidey they are, people associate sliding with being out of control so mentally they slow right down

see if you posted more black chebs instead of knobs we wouldn't call you a wog

enjoyed potholiing and the like when i went on trips to the lake district during school but this is just mental.

Yh, what do you want?

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wanking to ariele

Black seed oil is legit

about as grim as it gets

You can't post a bong girl hotter than poki and you know it

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must have been agonising

Work done, what's everyone's Friday plans?

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same but lets be honest it was hardly 'pot holing' could crawl through most of them

THIS is why the Irish LAUGH at your DEAD q*Een

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what do you wear around the house?

>once you realize the fastest way to corner a go kart is to slide it gives you a massive edge over the average casual, im 6'4 and weigh 16 stone but i was absolutely mogging all my smaller mates cos they were trying to keep traction to corner properly which is slow as fuck in a go kart

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Who is she then eh? Is she a wop or a standard Aussie?

stupid games, stupid prizes

The how you know I'm Somali one

my life is a ps1 game


dat shit fye.

simple as

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yeh mostly but i remember this one they took us through where we had to crawl completely flat through freezing cold water through a tiny tunnel without bags tied to our feet otherwise we wouldnt fit. seemed like army training or something. was fun though. no soft cunts volunteered for that one.

You farmed it shouldn't of let us take it if you needed it. We can't be blamed, we'd never let anyone do that to us , so we assumed you didn't really need it.

How do you get rid of that “wired” energy from stress? I can feel I’m tired but I don’t even need to blink and I feel I can run forever

aussies and brits look a like tho

Poleaboo is sleeping right now
Imagine kicking his door in and waking him up loool


their fault for exclusively growing one species of potato.

Greek-Anglo Aussie, average-high tier Aussie girl. Our women are a lot better than yours because we've got a dash of Celtic with our Anglo. And we get med girls.

>177 years later
>still seething

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just imagine his wails of fear in that paki northern feminine accent lmfao

gymtoil looms. has to be done

dealer just sold me a 2 gram 10 bag because he has 'bust case init'


wait mihai, youre chinese?
but i had a lot of judo as a kid