Well Any Forums?

Well Any Forums?

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I use brave, so I never see ads.

>ad block
i havent seen an ad on jewtube in like 5 years

This will push people to use ad block
genius move
I already use adblock
I hate ads so much

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Same. I dunno what a YouTube ad is

Especially on a computer, how much of a brain dead consoomer do you have to be to not have addblock.

I use ad blocking apps

For any user that has elderly family or kids that are too retarded for ad block.
You can buy youtube premium with a Turkish account for like $1 a month. Guides are online

Explain. Vanced got shoah'd and I can't get it on my new phone.

Same here.

Use AdBlock or do something productive

I thought this is just for people who watch youtube on mobile devices (read: their user agent), not normal browsers.

And what makes you think YouTube or Google won’t ban Adblockers?

cause they havent already and its been years

people that don't know how to take a screen cap are the target audience

Cat and mouse game.
There are always work arounds

>ban adblock
Are you a retarded boomer?

Some countries are banning VPNs, it’ll only be a matter of time before Silicon Valley bans Adblocker.

>on the internet
Again, you are a retarded boomer, yes?


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I actually like watching adverts

Except that the majority of people are non-tech-savvy retards.

Do you consume Onions on a daily basis?

My guess is that they aren't making as much money as they want and are trying to force as many people as possible to subscribe to avoid ads.

If they implement it, and if they somehow "ban all adbkockers" like that geriatric said, then it'll just mean I trim my channels right down to the absolute essentials. All the shit I use for little more than background noise, or to fill a void for 20 mins, will just get abandoned

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"Unskippable" takes a day, impossible takes a week.

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He’s technically right you faggot. You can ban things over Internet (which is one of the many networks out there, the most popular). What you can’t ban (or it will be difficult to) is what people can install on their machines if they are tech savvy enough.

Not surprising seeing as Twitch has been doing that for a while now.

i'm not concerned with retards

>And what makes you think they won't just ban piracy
Kek, kmao

downloading adblock isn't "tech-savvy". literally takes 10 seconds and an iq above 80

>He’s technically right you faggot
No he isn't.

Yeah but sometimes you have to right clicky and do the box right

Owned by Amazon by the way, because of course they are.

>close ups only
>cant see the video bar
Probably just a video with 5 ads through it, like they've been doing
1 of 5 means you'll see 5 ads throughout the video

>b-but what is this program user
>I don’t trust it, never heard of that name
>what is this notification with a nunber
>disable adblocker
>pop up blast on the screen
>normie retard has an heart attack near the line of a bomb going off
Why are normies like this?

All that will do is get more people to switch to ad block LMAO

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I have a certificate of achievement from an accredited university in Environmental Computing and I'm telling you the user is right. They can do it.

Who watches an ad and thinks, "I want to pay that Jew"?

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i have ublock and ive never had to do a single thing after downloading it

Downloading AdBlock is the easiest thing you could do. Literally the most easiest thing. Any boomer that can't are just tech illiterate, embarrassed, and too prideful to ask their grandchildren to explain it to them like a child.
I worked tech support and God it's frustrating how many people get so angry at computers and technology when they don't understand it. Nobody thinks you're an idiot for not getting it. Everybody has to start somewhere. You're the one calling me for help.

People like Eric Butts?

Theyre all so cringy too. I'm sure you know the google fiber IRL wojack that says "IS IT HAPPERNING?!"

I was joking, you dont have to manually block elements for youtube ads.

I'm not sure if it's true since I use an adblocker, but I've heard stories of two unskippable ads of like 20 minutes each back to back.

Brave browser blocks ads by default