Dear Any Forums

Dear Any Forums

Why are you obsessed with the Jews?

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Why do you defend the rich?

Because they lied to me about the holocaust. I will now commit real human atrocities.

Theyre fucking evil, any man who sits idly by as evil acts is nearly as guilry

Who's defending?

their real obsession is trannies.. and trannies make up like 0.00000001% of the population but they live in Any Forumstards minds 24/7 for some reason

if you are a 'leftist' and hate 'capitalism' then maybe you should check who owns the capital in America


It's uncanny how predictable it is.

glowposting is so shit lately

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Yes yes. I know. EVERYTHING is a glowpost these days. EVEN YOU!

How do feel about the immigrants going to Martha's vineyard? You know the people there fall in the highest tax bracket right? They are the 1%.

the left really has no idea how to meme, do they?

it's some kind of coping mechanism or release.. I don't get it but seething about non-existent trannies is the thing to do on Any Forums it seems.

because class hate becomes harmless when directed against just (((some))) rich people

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They were fed, given medical care and helped to develop a plan on where to go next.

I don't see the problem with this?

I've been fed posting harder than them recently

I thought you wanted to eat the 1%? Now instead of sending them the people they wanted, you let some rich community send them away so they can live in tents? Shoulden't we be taking their houses and giving them to the immigrants?

>develop a plan on where to go next.
How about they give them a home there? Where is the low income housing at martha's vinyard?

Why can't they stay?

Why are you hiding behind a memeflag rabbi?

Jealous. The jews are right about the goyim


Not an argument.

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I'm serious, why can't they live among the billionaires? They voted for it, they demanded it. Why shouldn't they be forced to live among what they chose? Is it because they think they're above everyone else?

This thread is about jews, you shitskin. Not Desantis and migrants. Why the fuck do I want to derail it getting into an argument about rich fucks in MV?

If you think we're not vaxxed, tracked, indebted cattle too, then to you "the jews" is really just code for the fraction of jews with money.

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Deflection in defense of the rich. You're their little bitch.

Rent a kikes can only have a discussion for so long before getting bored and posting more bbc threds

Yes. You're right. I'm here to suck rich peoples dicks OF COURSE. Makes sense.

You are doing just that.

Dear Moshe

Why are you obsessed with destroying everything and claiming to be the only victim of the destruction you've caused?