Right wing humor

>right wing humor

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nigger op

great thread dude

imagine not fucking a gf before marriage and finding out she sucks in bed

amazing thread dude

He's actually a really good artist. Too bad he's a low iq retarded greek civnat.

I just want him to draw more of the police waifu character

imagine not disciplining your wife into doing better in bed

You mock it. I'm just depressed at how true it is.

>sucks in bed

I dont understand this but then again I am a top

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How can a woman be bad in bed
Are you a sub or something

He worships Israel

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Built for Indian men

>Muh dik muhfuggah

The sign of a subhuman nigger

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Is he seriously advocating for the christcucked no sex until marriage hahaha oh wow, btw hes a kike shill

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You tried to tell a joke, it failed and you ran away to declare victory. This seems like a leftist humor thread.

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Shiiiiiiieet, you were faster

>she sucks in bed
Are virgin user? women are like pets you need to teach them

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what's mike matei doing there? did i miss something?

>browncels still crying over getting their shit destroyed everytime they try to bully a backwards curly-haired ethnostate

>How can a woman be bad in bed
incel/virgin post if ever there was one

>Shiiiiiiieet, you were faster
Good on ya though. Never let this kike lover worm his way here.

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absolutely valid criticism of palestine though

>This leftist meme is your right wing meme! Check mate.

I too would like more officer Runt.

I had sex with two women on the same day last Monday. One was a virgin and one had a laycount of 10. The virgin was arguably better. More reactive to my cock which turned me on.

Palestine can do no wrong in its eternal struggle.

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Does she just lay there like a dead fish and kick you off after she cums only for you to finish yourself with the side chick hand? This is my wife. My ex would moan, super into getting me off and would swallow everytime even after I nearly impaled her eye in the dark.

Kinda wholesome...
But I'm not a fucking gay chirstcuck so I'd just fuck her and make some kids to perpetuate the white race.

You cannot be a based heckin republican anti-groomer conservative civic nationalist patriot without also supporting the divine right of Jews to the lands of ancient JVDEA

fuck it was the moon, in the miniature looked like a nuke.

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Humor eh?

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i need to know as well

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Ozzy aren't you vaxxed ya dog cunt?

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