Go woke go brok-

>Go woke go brok-

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video gaming has no future
it has been infected by woke virus just liek every other entertainment industry

i fucking hate jews it's unreal
why won't people just gather up and end them all?

Fucking cancer


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I don't believe that article for a moment notice.

Good afternoon Agent John. How's the wife and kids?

because they own the world.

>New characters boosts player count for a week or two.
How is this news?

just send military or mercenaries to their banks and homes and take everything away

Yeah, and Amazon’s LOTR show is being watched by 25+ million people, even though no one except bloggers are talking about it. Trust the numbers, goy.

Because everyone who thinks like you is a cowardly insect who would rather shitpost anonymously.

they literally own military and all the money to hire any mercenary ever...
they LITERALLY own everything on this planet, not even exaggerating.

i wish i had more power like geass or death note

Gender politics are irrelevant in the face of Bridget's cuteness.

Sold my copy of this game. I don’t support grooming games.

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Newfags act like Bridget is new

Journalists just want clicks.
Controversy is what feeds them.

How is this a fucking issue?
Fucking a man in a dress is gay and fucking a man pretending to be a woman is gay

Everything is the same level of gay

I am voting straight-ballot republican in revenge for this come 2024. "This is for making Bridget trans."

all gaming journalist are liars, all they know is deceive and spread chaos

Whatever this game was gonna sell it already did. New characters buff the player count for like a week at most.

>Boosts player cou-

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Wow what a boost, diversity is our strength

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How is including trans people "woke"? Trans people aren't political people, they're just people who exist.

Trannies are politics as a person. The ultimate degenerate.

Can you fucking faggots stop posting cropped journalist shit for fuck sake

they are baiting you so hard, and you keep on fucking biting. Jesus fuck

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Now, this is podracing.

Any Forums has been fucking filled with feds who constantly bring this stuff up to keep it on peoples minds.

The article isn't wrong per se, it's just misleading.
If you look at the trends, there's a spike in new players with every new character release.

They're just people though. That's like saying Black people are woke politics or whatever.

It's amazing how gullible this kind of people is. They deserve to be jailed and studied upon

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People who exist yes, but you cannot pretend they aren't political when they are constantly being brought up by leftists and paraded as the posterboys(female) for the LGBT

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Honestly surprised it mostly held the 100% gain. Once crossplay beta comes out in a month or so steamcharts won't matter as much though since you'll be able to find matches quite easily. Even more so if Xbox gets the crossplay update at launch.

Trannies are being used for political reasons.

>Game goes to PC
>Community instantly infested with trannies
Much like this board.

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Just wait for them to announce Slayer.

>Japs being faggots 20 years ago
>Japs bring back faggot character for 20 year anni
>"So progressive"
I don't care - both sides are pathetic

So this is the power of troons....woah....

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>The year is 2025, the location EVO
>SF6 finals just finished, season 3 dlcs were teased
>All the sf heads drop reaction videos getting millions of view the minute they go live
>Pokimane gets on stage
>"That's it for EVO guys! We'll still have free play and fun small tournaments for tonight and the next day"
>Crowd leaves
>Sajam presses himself on stage
>His shirt is dirty, his eyes swollen with deep dark circles beneath
>"g-guys! GUYS! The moment you've been waiting for is here! Lets make some noise for the Striiiiiiiiiiiive tournament!"
>A few dozens dude in the dark let the room be deafened by silence, with the occasional burts of laughter from the free play area
>"As you all know, due to the 7 participants, we get into the top 8 already! No low level matches, only the finest Strive gameplay you'll see!"
>Every participant but 2 drop out of sheer embarassment
>finals is Akaraien vs Sonic_Sol
>SS just storms out mid match.
>"Wha-..I m-mean, huh WOW, this is the OG stuff you'll only see in Strive guys"
>"And NOW. The moment you've been waiting for. The ALL new season of Strive!"
>room goes pitch black
>Sajam's phone vibrates.
>Its a dm from Daisuke.

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