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>Warming up
>Go to 315
>Do easy set of 5
>Back feels a little funny
>Probably nothing
>Go to do another set
>Around rep 3 the left lower back muscle makes a popping noise and feels like a rubber band is wiggling around in my back
>Put weight down, feel funny, rack weights and finish workout
>Next day I can't get out of bed and have to crawl around to get places
>Been two weeks and it's still hard to get out of chair

The fuck do I do to recover? I've never had a lifting injury. I have been doing kettlebell swings and stretching but my back feels like ass.

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The doctor you fuck

go to the doctor you cripple

Lol Go to the doctor you enormous fucking retard. You've probably torn a muscle clean off the bone from the sound of it

A. The doctor can't do anything except prescribe an opioid. He probably wouldn't even give me a steroid prescription, which would probably be the only thing that works.

B. I only make like 80k a year, I'm not a millionaire. There's no reason for me to go to the doctor.

“I can’t afford to go to the doctor therefore there is no need to go to the doctor”

I do hope you see how retarded this is

It's not just the price. It's also that the doctor can't actually help me. Why would I waste money going to the doctor if they can't do anything for me?

You have to pay to go to the doctor? Why?

if you werent a retarded american you'd go to the doctor who would assess your situation and send you to a specialist or even a surgeon if necessary, and you'd be also provided with recovery therapy for your back, all while paying 0$

Nigga tell him you think you've torn a muscle. They'll check and if you did then he can schedule to have it reattached you dumb fuck

I have an uncle who was dumb enough to get back surgery and he had like 10 of them and he can barely walk. Not going to a doctor.

Not trusting any doctor around my back. Even if I have a torn muscle I will find a way to get through with yoga or something.

Have had this happen twice while squatting (but who knows yours could be more severe so best go to the dr to make sure) trying to do too much weight with poor form and weak abs most likely.
Mine just recovered on its own with time. Dont do anything that aggravates your back at all for at least a month.

Just how it is. Last time I went to the doctor for a sports injury I had to hire an attorney to get my insurance to pay for everything, and even then they only agreed to pay like 2/3rds of what was owed. It's just ass to get involved with any medical stuff in the US.

Fly over to a different country with better doctors and get checked there

I mean getting an MRI just to diagnose might be helpful. But I mean if you prefer the alternative of crawling around then more power to you.

That's actually a possibility, I don't think I can do canada but I've got a cousin in Frankfurt who would probably let me stay with them.

This would be an ok option but I'm already walking again, just painfully. I just couldn't do that in America, getting locked in with the american healthcare system sucks.

You're an actual retard. Enjoy having an injury that never heals properly because you refused to seek treatment.

>go to american doctor
>tell him you have back injury
>prescribes you opioid + estrogen + surgery
>go 100k into debt
>back still hurts

This is the exact plot of that King of The Hill episode where Hank does yoga to fix his back cause he hates the workers comp doctor

The doctor will not do anything. I had a shoulder injury when I was in college and the doctor couldn't do anything. I had to fix it myself and then my insurance refused to pay for the doctor's visits so I had to hire an attorney to get the insurance just to pay 2/3rds of what they owe. There's literally nothing a doctor can do except prescribe opioids and put you in debt. Self treatment is the only option.

I worked for a geologist who fell off an oil rig in his 20s and was told he wouldn't walk again and cured his shattered vertebrae with yoga and surfing.