Working out on an empty stomach

I've heard before that working out in the morning, before eating anything would increase fat loss because the body would burn the fat instead of any recently consumed calories for energy. Is there any truth to this? I feel like my workout would be less effective without the extra energy from a meal. Maybe an empty stomach would promote extra fat burning, but wouldn't help as much with muscle/strength increase?

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i wouldn't want to lift on an empty stomach. Fasted cardio is fine though

seconded, i used to train fasted, but in reality you just get tired quicker an thus lift less weight


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The amount you lose extra is so miniscule that it's useless for everyone except for guys trying to go from like 7% to 6% for a competition. Besides your body will just bias carb and glycogen burning later in the day to compensate for being thrown out of homeostasis in that way.

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Well, you wouldn't usually fast while trying to gain mass or bulk anyway, would you? You fast while trying to lose fat and during this phase the best you can hope for your weights at least not going down. You'll be lifting for maintenance.
I've worked out in a fasted state enough to tell you that your weights usually don't go down after an initial drop once you start fasting.
And in addition, it is a very effective way to get rid of fat when you don't have all that much to shed anymore.

Don't fast when you want to grow, but absolutely try if you want to get leaner and you're not afraid to shrink a tiny bit.

There is no point on eating right before. You only get the energy from the food you just ate 4h after. Before that you are just making the digestion, removing blood from your muscles and focusing on your digestive system.
If you have to work out in the morning make sure to have a very good last meal before sleeping, that's your pre-workout, you'll have a lot of energy if you eat right.
In the morning just take a protein scoop with water as it doesnt give an insulin spike and go to the gym, eat after.

A banana half an hour before going works well.

thats what i do usually with a raw egg and coffee

>You only get the energy from the food you just ate 4h
>average man sleeps for 8h

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When you're fasted you have less glycogen in your muscles, wich means you're going to be tired quicker

And you said the weight doesnt go down after the initial drop, which means it did go down.

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fasted exercising is so retarded. Okay maybe you burn a bit more fat during your workout, what happens to the food you eat later? Instead of being used for exercise that food now gets turned in to fat.
The advantages of eating before is that you have more energy to burn more calories/lift heavier