Be a zoomer girl

>be a zoomer girl
>go to the gym
>listen music and don't talk to anyone
>be slim but have a giant ass
>work out only legs and ass
>every time you are watching your ass in the mirror
Why are women like this?

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>Why are women like this?
I dont know and I dont care, I shall now go masturbate to your picture

b/c it is hot.

because women all secretly have a scat fetish. why all else would they be so obsessed with the area they poop from?

My God this girl is absolutely hurting for a squirting if you know what I mean

Absolutely hounding for a pounding

She is just gaping for a raping

I'm just the man for the job I tell you what

I don't know what you mean by that

>ywn be attached by the back of the head to the swing arm of a human sized mouse trap with her fat ass as the cheese and swung at breakneck speeds face first into that flumpy dumpster

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God I hope this is true

Actually I'm almost certain it's true, I have irrefutable evidence and testimony

Ok so literally HOW THE FUCK am I ever supposed to get my dick inside her with an ass like that??!!?!

There’s ZERO CHANCE my five inch filibuster is gonna penetrate her pussy.

This is exactly why I’m better off donating and jerking off to OnlyFans queens.

Those huge asscheeks would act like airbags and if I tried to fuck her from behind I would end up just pounding her plump posterior until I plastered my load in 30 seconds all over her juicy ass. Not a drop would make it to her pussy.

Are women like this unbreedable from a purely logistical standpoint or do you need a huge dick to fuck them?

Because big asses are amazing? The reason why they work on them so much is because most men love a nice big ass
A 10/10 ass is the equivalent of being a 6'5 man with a Chad face

simple as

Well, below the age of about 23-25 women are usually still very skinny. They might have gained the freshman 15 but that is about it. The hot ones cheered or did dance/pom pom in high school and their body lasts for about 8 years even if they stopped exercising or doing anything whatsoever. So what happens is they just casually work out, workout their legs and ass since they really see no point in doing chest (will make their boobs more manly) or arms (will make them look like a guy). Lots of times they do cardio.

After this they find a man, between 23-28 usually, then they get married and have a few kids. This is where my wife is at. She is pregnant with #3 right now and she goes i know I'm fat but there is really no point in constantly losing weight when you just get pregnant again. After the 3rd kid she has promised to go back to the gym, but OBGYNs actually advise against weight loss when pregnant and constant gain lose gain lose between kids. (It'll be #3 in 4 years).

Anyway after they get skinny again around 45 years old they start heading into the first signs of menopause. Basically after 40 its all downhill. 35-40 if they lose weight you at least get 4-8 more years of hot milf sex. But if they're fat at 40 they're fat until you die, this is why the divorce rate is high because women don't take care of themselves.

Never met a woman that knows what scat is

I have class though

Would you keep a great work of art under curtain or would you rather view it in full glory?

Exactly this. Why complain? Shit is hot af

This kinda reads like an ad

Can I get a QRD?

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they might not call it "scat" like a porn website, but they all must have the inclination towards it with so much emphasis and attention on their asses.

I want to put my penis inside of her vagina and ejaculate multiple times a day if you catch my meaning

Personally I'm a tits man. Every woman has an ass more or less, at least in america you have to be basically starving yourself to be assless due to the average american diet. They all got a little junk in the trunk.

But a nice ass is nice, anyway the answer to your question is that you need to try different positions, but don't just do them, after you have developed a relationship with the woman, tell her you want to try other positions. Do missionary to start, basically have her lay on the bed and you stand and bend her legs back. This is also called the 'tabletop' position.

If you have a small penis and she has a big ass. I would suggest
>crab if she is down
>the deck chair
>69/oral, (make sure you lick the clit and rub it while you suck on her boobs)

Just buy her flowers and give her compliments and then get her drunk on tequila and tell her you want her to sit on your face. Romance + Alcohol = female orgasms.

>why are women like that
Social contagion.
It's the same reason there's a pandemic of zoomer girls cutting off their tits.
They seem Kim Kardashian with a big ass and they want a big ass

sex involving poo poo

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The state of Any Forums

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