How do I improve my Adonis belt?

What's the best way to develop the lines that make smart girls stupid?

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Leg raises


I've got them and I can't say that any sort of abdominal exercise does anything to improve those lines. If you have them, become leaner to show them more.

I think girls care more about abs, I have a supreme adonis belt but no abs and all I can say is I did a lot of leg raises in the past

girls fucking love Adonis belts it's similar to us with vagina bones

With what now?

what the fuck is a vagina bone

Do you mean a penis?

arent they genetic, as abs and venus dimples?

they're called hip bones, why do you people call them that?

>tfw feeling her vagina bones

>vagina bones

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Just train your obliques more and get lean

I did a shit ton of side-raises and bends and just grew them. I'm presently too high bodyfat to show them without posing however.

It's genetics + lower obliques + leanness
Lower obliques are something that I have never directly targeted, they get hit kinda hard in most harder ab exercises and get some activation in compound lifts and running

The longer a thread goes, the higher the odds of a Any Forumsizen saying something that outs him as autistic



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Nothing gets me harder than a girl with nice collar bones (unironically)

i have an adonis belt on my pubic region but i also have a small flabby loose skin belly with stretch marks

ive been doing leg raises from chinup position for months and even incorporated abs to my full body and sunday is abdominals day for me

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Adonis belt?

call them cum gutters, people love to hear it.

oh yeah i think i noticed them lateky after doing 3x8 leg circles on my adjustable bench at home. i add 2 to each set weekly if anyone wants to try