I'm starting to worry that getting jacked won't help me to get a gf...

I'm starting to worry that getting jacked won't help me to get a gf. I'm still a socially retarded 30 year old virgin with no friends. I don't even show off my body in public.

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Why not? I have a legit mutant disfigured body and I show it off all the time. I got arrested at the beach in june for taking my shirt off. I have C cup gynecomastia and so I got hit with a public indencency charge. They’re gonna put me on the sex offenders registry. IDGAF.

Last year I got jumped and beaten by 4 dudes at the park for jogging shirtless with my gynecomastia jiggling out. They broke my jaw and then afterwards I was arrested. Also for an indecency charge. I have no idea why the judges keep granting me bail.

Just wear tight fitting clothes and start hitting on girls and women everywhere, fuckin Kroger, the bar, family reunion’s, etc

I wear a button-up shirt to work. Should I just roll up my sleeves? I think those skinny shirts look faggy

Opie, do you have any hobbies or things you like to do?

Same user who asked if you have any hobbies. I wouldn't go full skinny shirt route however, something that is form fitting would be to your benefit. I e shirts, pants, jeans.

I just draw at home

Ok. So it's not a complete lost cause. Do you show your work anywhere?

You probably have an ugly face because I’m fit and married and I get hit on almost every day, girls ask me for my socials or phone number or if I’m single
I don’t even have Facebook I fucking hate everyone who is not my wife or kids

>hitting on busy strangers in public while being a socially retarded neurotic with zero experience and no solid charismatic persona to fall back on, in turn destroying your reputation and self esteem through constant rejection you arent prepared to face

God I hate this shitty boomer advice. Its like asking a cripple to run a marathon. Its the most NPC-tier fucking garbage imaginable.
OP doesn't even have a single male friend and you're telling him to hit on women as if he's already had a decade of experience gathering implicit knowledge about social interaction, and had ample positive reinforcement building him a solid identity that would appear attractive enough to women to the point they wouldn't immediately label him a virgin autistic weirdo in their heads.

Chicks i had sex with when I was skinny fat: 9

Chicks I’ve had sex with since getting jacked: 0

You can’t make this shit up

Kinda the same for me. Most women don’t really care how big you are past general fitness, can almost be a negative past it. People on this board say its fake or its bullshit or whatever but having a good amount of friends and at least a decent personality takes you a looooong way. And not just in dating

Bro just join an art workshop or club or class or some shit. Share your interests and hobbies with others, first you gotta get over your social autism lmao. Can't run before you walk

Yeah same

No, I was going to start an Instagram but... I have no friends
I guess you're right. Thanks, brah

Everybody just wants to be near a person that can have a genuine good time, being good looking just makes you more approachable and shows you in a favourable light. Even having a good body makes it seem like you have a hobby. I just lifted then also joined a community sport/pick up league and it made it even better desu. Then also coaching low income kids free sports leagues

He should start trying to make friends. You literally have to start somewhere, but a lot of you whiny defeatist faggots don't want to put the effort in and think you're just gonna stumble into pussy. Work on your charisma, learn how to make friends and keep them, learn how to stop being an autistic fuckin weirdo, then go from there. This shit isn't rocket science, everything in life takes effort, if you aren't a naturally gifted charismatic person who can read the room and leverage social cues and situations into your favor, fucking practice until you can fake it.

what you wear or roiling up your sleeves won't make a bit of difference desu.

Just be 'fashionable' and don't look like a goofball

but ultimately it has to do with your confidence and personality. I for example have a great one. I hit on everyone. Just not at work.. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. You wouldn't believe the amount of women that are turned on just by the fact that you had the guts to go talk to them, and its funny, with hot girls they actually don't get hit on as much as you think because so many guys are so intimidated by them.

At least you'll be the swolest person standing in line at the store.

This is all fair but yeah OP has no social skills so baby steps

>excuses not to hit on women

Bro, sure, you gotta worry about the ME before you worry about the WE but I have fucked 5 women after going to bars alone and just kind of people watching and laughing and making sarcastic remarks to the women next to me.

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I only excercise to prevent muscle atrophy, to get big arms/grip strength, and to release testosterone.
Actually lifting with the idea that after so many sets and reps you'll eventually have done enough to make the transaction of getting a gf is a shortsighted way to look at it.
Do good things because they are good to do and eventually the blessings will follow.