People often forget to train their hamstrings and calves because they think squatting trains your entire leg...

People often forget to train their hamstrings and calves because they think squatting trains your entire leg, you're not one of these people are you user?

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what's the point when they don't even look attractive

I don't squat only bench curl ohp. Fag

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I do calf raises and RDLs, is that enough?
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Running with a forefoot strike + cycling is the only calf training you need.

ATG Front Squats, FULL ROM Leg Presses, barbell back loaded 45 degree hamstring dominant back extensions, leg curls, dumbbell loaded unilateral calf raises. I want big legs and I will get them :0

I do train them, the only problem I have is I will need new pants soon

tell me how to train hamstrings

Deadlift, RDL, hamstring curl, rack pulls. That's pretty much all there is.

Booty builder/ Barbell hip thrust

thank you

are rack pulls simply deadlifts from a higher spot?

bend over rows works the hamstrings

I feel bad for anyone who has to train their calves in order to look proportionate.

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Pretty much, yes

I use to go to a personal trainer in my teens cuz my mom was one of her clients and she thought I'd benefit.
One of the weird things she'd do is have me lay down on a mat, stick on leg in the air, and then she would take it and physically stretch my ham strings for me.
She said it was important to do this because of how much we sit and how tight my ham strings are because of it.
I found it relaxing in a physical therapy kind of way. This was usually done before or sometimes after the workouts.

Squats and deads are enough for calves. People who tell you otherwise are just sunk cost retards coping hard.

Google it if you want.

>opened the .gif
Fuck you OP.

i see

Squats don’t even train my quads or glutes. It seems like it does nothing but compress my skeletal structure desu.

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I have the same problem when I lift with my arms when squatting

im the one who has to train calves to make the proportional but it DOESNT FUCKING WORK

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