Are there some sports that you like to watch the female version more than the male version?

Are there some sports that you like to watch the female version more than the male version?

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I don't particularly enjoy or watch sports to begin with but if I had to pick some where it's really whatever I'd say track and field is up there but not everything. Like for example Javelin, when men throw it twice as far it takes the awe factor watching women compete. But a 100m sprint is fairly comparable. The difference in season's best is like 0,7 - 0,8 seconds.

Sure side-by-side that is very notable but in a vacuum both are fast. And I guess I like looking at female niggers more than men.

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user these girls look like they are barely fourteen years old...

You're right. Too old

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I know right? Breeding age

wrestling , their thighs are juicy as fuck

Women's 100m and 200m
The women have their makeup on and have pretty fingernails, they look fucking amazing.

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Not more, but I like WMMA almost as much as MMA. The girls usually rely more on technique due to the lack of mass and power. It's an interesting spin on the sport. And boy, don't they hold back.


>barely 14 looks
>Slenderman-like bodies
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Is hotter than

why do they always have to get stupid looking tattoos?


Well. These chicks aren't even athletes, they're just hobbyists. I can fucking guarantee you that these two couldn't even jog for 3 minutes straight.

since the hunter gatherer times young women have been getting ornaments to signal fertility and/or marital status. and the medium for that is tattoos in the 21st century