Im really fuckinh freaking out right now I gave nyself a buzzcut and noticed my scslp looks like this
Whaz the fuxk is it?

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Fungal infection

Fungal infection

You're dirty, man


Are you sure? Fuxl man, the nexr free appointment is onöy in 2 wweks.
Please telö me this shit goes away, gonna rudj to the pharmscy to see ig dhe can cpnfirm it now

Piss on your own head to cure it user

Wash your hair with your own piss and zinc anti dandruff shampoo

Zinc and piss

i had a skin condition that was literally 5x worse than this and i buzzed my hair.

just get a coarse exfoliator for the face and use it on your head. you'll probably be just fine with only a shower

The Norwood reaper claims another.

You've 100% been abducted and chipped, user. Most of your doctor's are reptilians, you cannot trust the excuses they will tell you

I see the fungus got to your brain

visit a doctor instead of asking anynomous strangers on the internet

Nah, unless it's going back that's not balding. I've had that hairline since I was 10 and it hasn't moved. Some guys just have wide hairlines and big foreheads.

>I've had that hairline since I was 10
average russian

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bald cope

seborrheic dermatitis

>seborrheic dermatitis
>Risk factors

>A number of factors increase your risk of developing seborrheic dermatitis, including:

>Neurologic and psychiatric conditions, such as Parkinson's disease and depression

bruh, start on this ASAP, once a day and in a week it will be gone. pyrithione zinc head and shoulders, works wonders

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>have severe depression for 8 years now
>have severe seborrheic dermatitis
What the actual fuck? I fail to see the connection, but that shit can't be a coincidence if it's a risk factor.

It is a skin condition I forgot what it is called. I have it as well (also the exact same hairline coincidentally). A buzzcut and swimming in salt water are the best ways to fix it, unfortunately I am not aware of a cure and it'll come back after you'll grow your hair out.

the effect your psyche can has on your physical wellness is insane
diseases like depression can cause a fuckton of secondary physical effects from the constant stress and negative emotion inhibiting your immune system etc., the mind is a really powerful thing

I want to believe