Why do males bully other males for their (short) height ?

I don't really get it why some of you do that. It's not like you will date them or something. You pretty much act like women.

For the record, I am 182 cm so pretty average height, never got bullied but wanted to ask out of curiosity.

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idk it might be some evolutionary shit. Do animals bully the smaller ones of their species?

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It's effective

Lanklets seethe because of our greater intellectual abilities.
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i've never heard of someone being bullied for being short in my time in school(for this is a school thing)

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Height and IQ are positively correlated.

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Maybe in third world shitholes but here in the civilized world we are more evolved and have a better brain to body ratio (correlated with intelligence).

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I'm 170 cm and was never bullied for my height. What people really do(and this is fucking everywhere) is not take you seriously or giving you respect. It's like being a child or a woman status-wise.

182 is very average for Poland these days user, I would even call you borderline manlet.

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I am 194.5cm and I've never bullied men shorter than me simply for their height. If I respect the man for his work/achievements, then I don't even think about it.

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men bullie men over everyting if u are overweight underweight to tall to short if u look ugly etc shit just happens also if u are insecure or have low social status u are more likely to be targeted by bullies welcomme to life

That doesn't stop you from being a retard.

Some manlets unironically internalize those words and troonout.

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Dude people shit on people for whatever they can. Ideally it’s what they think someone would be most sensitive about, and for short guys height is typically the bullseye.

it's all about MOGing

This exactly

As someone who's 6'5, people will just find the next trivial characteristic to belittle you. Humans are either envious or belittling. Respect is a thing of the past.

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