Texhnolyze turns 20 years old next year and is getting a commemorative rebroadcast on AT-X this October

Texhnolyze turns 20 years old next year and is getting a commemorative rebroadcast on AT-X this October.
What does Any Forums think of this dark masterpiece?

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watched it a while ago, pretty good
shame anime is dead

I remember watching this a decade ago and not understanding anything that was happening

Like most 20+ episode anime, it goes to shit during the second half (outside of the surface episode).

Sir, this is a moeshit board

Tried watching it, dropped after 9 episodes
Really boring and unlike Lain there's nothing to even analyse

Objectively wrong, second half is better than the first half.

It has a breathing ASMR episode.
I know someone who's into that.

This. What is wrong with some people? The last 3-4 episode are easily the best part and there's absolutely nothing like them in the whole medium.

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i dip my hands into this darkness

I love it for being one of the greatest sendoffs to the whole cyberpunk anime niche, along with Ergo Proxy. These two buried that shit for good so that no one (except Trigger of course, these fuckers will do anything for cash) would bother reviving it again.

I agree but the surface arc was clearly cut short. What was that about?

No it wasn't.

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I've never heard about that. To me it lasted as long as it should, don't think prolonging it would've served any benefit to the story.

trigger is just adapting a video game which was already based on a cyberpunk tabletop game, I dont feel like its the same as if they were making something completely from scratch
I do agree on the first part of your post tho, I can only think of one decent cyberpunk anime that came out since which is akudama drive and even that wasnt so great

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>What does Any Forums think of this dark masterpiece?
Pretentious 2deep4u edgy teenshit.

It's about a perfect society falling flat on its face and ended up with people just wanting to die because there isn't any reasons to live when every human being is ideal. Cutting it short was a necessity, so that it wouldn't let it go to the viewer's head too much.

Well duh. It's Trigger, they can't make anything from scratch.