>Released today
>Already forgotten
What went wrong?

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thanks for the heads up, heading to the cinema now

They made a new Fletch? Why?

throw things at the wall until they stick

Now the cumulative box office is $490. Good job FletchBro

looks incredibly boring and poorly written, hamm can’t act

out of all things i wouldn't expect another fletch film wtf
>Directed by Greg Mottola
even more random lmao. I will watch depending the amount of blacks in the film tho

how lewd is it?

Seems like only 2 black actors and 1 asian face in minor roles, and John Slattery is in it too. I might give it a chance

Dad, pls

Hamm is one of the best. I am not a shill. I like Jon Hamm. Don't you guys remember Mad Men? He was in that! Lets watch this movie, shouldn't he be a leading man, realistically? Well lets watch him!

Hamm is a terrible actor

Fake News!
The carousel scene??? huH??

This. He's a bit of a ham

I like Jon Hamm, but personally I'm more looking forward to his upcoming movie with Sarah Gadon.

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I have no idea. Jon Hamm has always been a massive box office draw, and Fletch is such a huge brand nowadays


the lighting in this movie is so fucking bad

I think this failure may make them reconsider the Fletch Cinematic Universe they have been planning

What about the other guy from Mad Men? Isn't it cool to see them reunited!

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>It's good to see John Hamm and John Slattery working together again! They had such great chemistry on Mad Men.

>Aw, man. John Slattery and Jon Hamm in the same frame again. These two legends need more major roles. Untouchable actors.

>Yes Jon Hamm is back! This role seems to fit him so well too. I hope this is the first of many.

I don’t know why I come to this board I don’t watch movies anymore

Very based. I love Jon Hamm and Sarah Gadon.

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It looks like something I'll maybe turn on when it goes to streaming

It's actually streaming today, and already on torrent. It also released theatrically today. Haha

John Hamm is a hairlet

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