Pirated Adobe photoshop

I used a pirated copy of Photoshop, and forgot to block Adobe CC or, Worst part is CC was logged into my account which I used to previously purchase a license before I found out kikedobe would charge a $100 dollar cancellation fee to which I used a virtual card anyway and froze it.
How fucked am I?
I use a military owned ISP so I don't really care if they come after my ISP and lose it since its shit anyway but last thing I need is legal shit from this.

for the future what firewall rules would you set to prevent Adobe CC or Photoshop from phoning home? Also any obvious Adobe processes to disable/block?

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Adobe don't give a fuck you're fine

In reality yes your right, but the future I don't ever want to make such a stupid mistake.

Adobe has so much bullshit that phones home, I don't even know what to block/delete that also won't break my copy of PS.

It's over for you, you will be sent to Ukraine.

Come home to Affinity Photo.

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Why would I switch from reliable proprietary shit to noname proprietary shit?

I'm going to issue is I have so many adobe plugins that I use and its going to be a PITA to relearn, but that's what I gotta do. Also I just really hate adobe that I feel like this is my way of *sticking it to the man* even if it does nothing.

>not using GIMP in 2022

m0nkrus ws

>no CMYK support
>no layer styles
>no adjustment layers
>no smart filters
>no clipping masks
>gradient maps can't be edited after being applied
>can't edit rotated text without losing your rotation
>can't select multiple layers at once
>no shape tools


user other than CMYK support it literally has every single one of those things

Where are the adjustment layers?

Even Krita is better than GIMP at photo editing and it's not even designed to be a photo editing app.

idk I never used GIMP before

Why are you even logged into an adobe account. Anyway, fpbp

How do you know what GIMP can or can't do if you've never used it?

Come on, man. Photoshop is like $20 a month. Don't be a poor.

I just made it up, I have no clue about any GIMP features

>Come on, man. Photoshop is like $20 a month. Don't be a poor.

With a mandatory 1-year lock in contract.

Okay and?

giving money to adobe is terrorism

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There are two things that piss me off about 1. the cost isn't an issue, its that I cannot buy the license without a subscription. Its one thing if I am a business with a contract to license x amount of users. Charging on OEM consumer basis is absolutely anti consumer and easily forgotten monthly charge that THEY KNOW you will easily forget.
If it came down to paying $200 bucks for a 1 time copy that be fine still expensive but okay.
Their cancellation bullshit is completely egregious and honestly that alone is proof US consumer protections doesn't give 2 shits if its from corpos. The fact we give a shit law and policy wise about whores aborting kids vs a law that would allow consumers a clear and easy OPT out from a subsription and protect them from junk fees shows you where our concern is.
Anyway, what should I block/rules should I set on my firewall?

Is this the Kazoo kid?