Needs to know my location

>needs to know my location


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Does it change the light based on day/night cycles? Then it's for that.
Otherwise it's just the usual datamining.

See? It's laughing at you.

brb going to make a system that doesn't require internet connection or location just set time and degrees of latitude and it will do that calculation easy

Never heard anything about day/night who would use that anyway and I can think of a million ways to do that anyway without NEEDING location turned on the fucking thing is unusable it's fucking with all my opsec

>authorizing to use your location: 1 click
>entering your latitude: need to find out what it is, then carefully copy it in the input field
You will never be a real developer.

What about making location optional Mr real developer

You're a real developer because instead of using a simple solution that already exists, like a zip code, you can only think in black and white between pointless autism like coordinates, and violating user privacy with location services. Do you shit in the street or boil cats?

I take that back, deliberately missing the point is the hallmark of the tinker tranny.

>buy overpriced gimmicky product centered around feature
>ummmm sweety what if I don't want to use the feature?

>zip code
>reliable and scalable
you will never be a real developer.

its for
>come home
>lights turn on
aka nigger shit as usual
light switches arent complicated

you are a fucking retard.

Sunset and sunrise are based on location. It could also do guard duties when you are away like turn lights on and off to make it seem like someone is home.

in what fucking world this feature that we're not even sure exists by the way is at the center of the product??? I bought it to have colored dim lights to attract females and make it less awkward for them to get naked that;s all are you retarded

mah man use Shelly Bulbs they can be used cloud-free, via command line without an actual phone app, you can even reinstall their open firmware

>bought bisexual lighting to fuck
Virginbro, once you bring a woman home, i6d already in the bag. You don't need silly colors to seal the deal lol.

looks like a chopped tit

I use Wiz lights for my room (yes I live w mom) and they just werk (I also bought the remote control)

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I have a giant lamp I use on my backyard, women get stuck like mosquitoes

wrong, they said dim lighting, background noise and warm temperature (at least 22C) in their forum

>>needs to know my location
Oh chuddie, sunset / sunrise times

everyone saying "it makes sense it needs to know when sunrise/sunset is" is fucking retarded because the device is meant to simulate strong light typically for people who don't get to experience it at the right time of day, whether it be due to location or work or having a circadian rhythm that extends beyond 24 hr due to a sleep phase disorder
That said op is still stupid for not just buying any of the 20,000 brands out there that don't ask for your location on just buy a SAD lamp and hook it up to a timer outlet meant for aquarium lights.

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Because Google is full of retards
>In 2019, Android made it mandatory for any app to have location permissions in order to work with Bluetooth devices.

>keep the bulbs
>replace the hub with deconz

No it's not. It's just a HUE