So this is power of firefox

so this is power of firefox...

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you're a fag

What did you tell Mozilla about this crash so
they can fix it?


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guys don't click it it will crash whole browser instantly

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How is propositioning them going to fix the bug?

Post your specs and Foxfire version.
[email protected]
..,,;;;::;,.. OS: Devuan 2.1 ascii
`':ddd;:,. Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.9.0-11-amd64
`'dPPd:,. Uptime: 1d 4h 20m
`:b$$b`. Packages: 2864
'P$$$d` Shell: bash 4.4.12
.$$$$$` Resolution: 2880x1024
;$$$$$P WM: XMonad
.:P$$$$$$` GTK Theme: Xfce-dusk-gtk3 [GTK2/3]
.,:b$$$$$$$;' Icon Theme: gnome
.,:dP$$$$$$$$b:' Font: Terminus 12
.,:;db$$$$$$$$$$Pd'` Disk: 16G / 457G (4%)
,db$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b:'` CPU: i5-4300M @ 4x 2.6GHz [48.0°C]
:$$$$$$$$$$$$b:'` RAM: 1460MiB / 15762MiB
`$$$$$bd:''` IP EXT:

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>troon website
>coded so poorly it makes browsers crash even without JS

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Mozilla Firefox 104.0.2
Linux 5.19.9-arch1-1 GNU/Linux

Smells like a regression. tech is going backwards it seems.

i fear no man
but that thing
it scares me

they must have rewritten some parsing code in rust

forgot image

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>Open site in private browsing mode
>Fans spin up to 100%
>Page never loads properly
>Browser doesn't crash but every page that I had open is unresponsive and flickers
How did he do it bros

the absolute state of tranny html skills
wonder which one of these syntax errors cause the crash

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I chuckle, but then I cry. Wierd.

But why does syntax error in one page casue whole browser to crash?

In version 105 only the tab crashes

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crashes also on firefox mobile

im on 102.2.0esr and it crashes the entire browser. thats textbook regression