Retarded Consumers

>buy overpriced extensions
>wait for 20 days for it arrive from china
>doesn't work
>3D print for a whole day
>can only hold 2 hdds
>will last 2 years at best
>arm bullshit
>expensive ram

Why do y'all don't just buy libre/corebooted minipcs with 1 nvme slot and 2 2.5" slots?
>no intel ME
>can run anything
>cheap ram upgrade
>lower latency ethernet
>can have wireless if you want
>I/O options with type-c
>self contained

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>Muh Intel ME
Stopped reading right there, schizo.
I agree with the sentiment, but I don't like the schizoshit.


You insulted me after reading half of my post?
That's it, I'm sending racist memes over the intel ME. Should appear in your /home/user/Pictures folder shortly.

hehe PINAS :D
sounds like PEENAS :DDD

The raspberry PENIS holds all my data in the form of sperm DNA.

Librebooted miniPCs from chinks?
You got my attention, can you please post some models of those?

Didnt know we re havingn intel employees browsing this anime forum

Chinks? I listed that as a positive so no. You can buy them from west.

raspberry pingas

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I hate how there's no decent 3d printable NAS cases out there, they're all focused on SSDs but for mass storage you'd obviously want HDDs, for the lower cost if nothing else.

Probably because you can get a Proliant DL180 with a 14LFF backplane for $80.
>too loud
I've been selling fan silencers on ebay, plug plug.
Also there's few SFFs here.


>that price

This lols my lmaos

>We ship world wide, except to countries that are subject of trade sanctions imposed by USA.
i cant even buy this shit. nice try goy

Take a caliper and an open source program and design your own case.
If you know g code, you can make a file that expands the case count by however much you want.

>niche product is expensive
At least it'll be relevant for the next 10 years before you'll replace it.

Hmm, not much of a choice, but I'll give it a go, thanks user.

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>nice try goy
That's a problem with the US government, even a intel-ME hating citizen is limited by what laws government has. Such a tyranny.

I fucking suck at design

>20$ orange pi zero
>3$ USB sata
>aluminium extrusion from old external hdd
>3h for 3D printed end caps
>DC/DC step down module
>free power supply from old modem
Let me guess, I need more?

I learned solidworks from my brother back in 2012, I can still use it. It's dead simple for making simple things like a 3.5" multisled thingy.

Now do 10 HDDs and suddenly that second hand old server looks a lot more reasonable than an RPi. Especially considering that it can have a GPU for trans-coding and a NIC for 10Gbit ethernet.

By the time you 3D print a case suitable for HDDs you may as well buy a proper enclosure.

i just use an old office pc with an i3-4130 i got for free
if i upgrade it'll be one of those 1l mini pcs from lenovo, dell or hp because two large ssds are enough storage for me and you can get them to idle below 10w with an undervolt