Why are racemixers so cruel?

Why are racemixers so cruel?
>Kids will look nothing like their parents
>Wont feel at home in any group
>Will face muh racism
>Will be much more likely to die from lack of organ doners
>much more genetic deseases
There is no worse racial fate then being mixed.

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In a perfect world the french breeding with the irish would be considered racemixing

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How do you look at op pic and not feel sorry?

The age of Man is ending, now is the age of Orc

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if u think about it theres more whites than blacks so if it continues within like 20 years the black race will be wiped out lmao.

I always thought these two retards were the same person.

no such thing as race, don't eyeball phenotypes fucking test you lazy shits i'm sick of having to deal with you morons using the wrong meds

Because (left) women don't understand / don't care and blacks and asian men won't really care because they know where they're coming from and it should be a upgrade anyway.

>no such thing as race

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don't you fuck niggers on a daily basis?

lol no aint done it in mad long. i only fw my bd and we been together 11 months.

Thats not how it works...

Im 2nd generation mixed and I agree
Im mixed enough that nobody really can guess my roots, well nobody has done it successfully in my 25 years on the planet
Also I'm slightly dsyrker than the darkest natural white person
To white people im not white enough to be white
And to black people im white

Dating is also hard.
The only type of women i consistently do well with are hiphop girls, or black chicks in general

The only good thing is that when woke bitches try to speak about opression and all that garbage I can state the facts and people will take me more seriously whilst if a completely white guy did that hed be called a racist

Anyway shit sucks but its inevitable, in a few centuries we'll be mostly mixed

Tyler1 is an autistic treasure

people don't complain about white and asian mix.

Fucking a specific nigger still counts kek

Lmao youre already a minority

Casterate yourself. Don't have kids, but you should still live because it's not your fault. Love and embrace yourself and devote to god

Imagine how much better America would be if every white mayo cum skin got magically turned to a mixed child?

I do, fuck that shit. Both races are good but when they mix it bad

it def is lol

like if i have a kid with a black dude already the kid is 50% whiter. if that kid has a kid with a white girl, than the kid is like 100% whiter lol. cope nigcel

my bd is white dumbfuck

not in the US maybe in the world.

>Castrate yourself
>Don't have kids
Ain't that the whole point you retard


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>not in the us maybe in the world
Ok, retard

Once a coalburner, always a coalburner kys

>the christcucks natural response is to cut your balls off
user, your place is not in muttmerica. You need to join the army and once you get enough experience and skill you can go become a warlord in congo to bring peace and breed a tribe of darkskinned waifus

lol imagine coping this hard lmaooo non-white coper.

Asians do
japanese despise them

Im not having kids but thats because were all modern wagelsaves, having kids is unethical and god is a fairy tale for retards
You should probably remove yourself from the gene pool too

>organ doners
hehe, organ döners...

bruh is that your best comeback? Lame

I'm so starved for pussy that I would take the opportunity.

is true fagot

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