Why are you guys like this?

Why are you guys like this?

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Don't like it, get out newfag

ADL posters glow in the dark

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

lots of people like femboys and trannies. lots of other people like getting (you)s, so they post bbc to get them

We are on year 4 of the tranny raid.
4chanX with regex filtering makes it bearable.

Some guys are cute

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>year 4 of the tranny raid
You can't be this fucking retarded user. At what point do you realize there is a blacked trend that can be seen in every corner of the internet? This cope is getting ridiculous

ok tranny

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If you like dicks that much, then you're just a fag.


>go to Any Forums
>see trolling and porn
Where's the surprise?

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I have no doubt some discord retards raided you at some point but to think it's some 24/7 operation happening for literal years is borderline schizo retardation

dubs checked but ur fkn rtrdid, m8

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you on the left
me on the right

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>"he, I LIKE looking at the nigger dicks, snowflake, what now????"
>nazis are the ones posting the nigger dicks

>name myself CCP Shill
>BBC Shill Labour Camp
>links to /pol
this genuinely reads like some nazi propaganda pretending they are targeted by propaganda

>implying all these implications
gee thanks user I almost forgot to take my penis-shrinking pills.


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I'm not sure what is more pathetic, someone making this collage or someone saving it


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it's called trolling you fucking mongoloid. Not one bit of it isn't exactly what you and I are doing right now: idly shitting out thoughts that would be uncouth to release in real life on the internet as a form of amusement.

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what is even your intention with these screenshots? You're just proving people like BBC lol


lmao, even

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not so shocking twist: it's the same person.

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How do you do fortune again? I forgot.

>take screenshot of guy who likes BBC
>I'm not obsessed, you are obsessed
wew user

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Russian shills

Okay, you made me post it. Happy?

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imagine being this middle aged

why were you even in this discord user? the cope is unreal

imagine what it must be like to scour the internet for pictures of black guys with little dicks so you can create a collage to post on Any Forums because you're that upset about BBC spam

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If you're having to save hundreds of images of nigger dicks to your PC and have to look at them all day to "troll", you are the loser, even if you are pissing people off.

it is genuine insecurity. anybody in their right mind would ignore something they don't like, but these people feel threatened by it

>"why are you exposing my sisters!!!! stop ruining our fantasy!!!!!!!!"

I don't care about some trannies retard, I just like jerking off to girls getting blacked

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dude if you spent too much time in there you will join them. source: it happened it to me and i am now addicted to black cocks

unfathomably based

>smug about anything
>"I just like jerking off to girls getting blacked"

LMAOOOO this must be b8

thank you for admitting trannies spam BBC

I'm sorry you are so angry user, just spend time with that girlfriend of yours instead?