I'm going to re-create a few thousand lucky people as enlightened hedonists. Their lives will be filled with pleasure...

I'm going to re-create a few thousand lucky people as enlightened hedonists. Their lives will be filled with pleasure. They will never have to work. All of the new people will live in a giant, beautiful garden, more than spacious enough to accommodate thousands of people. The new people will not wear clothing, they will always be naked. The garden will always be warm and sunny, even when it rains. The new people will eat delicious, ripe fruit, whenever they want, and will never hunger for anything else. They will have plenty of sex, with whomever they choose. Sexual partners will be shared. Homosexuality, of both genders, will be allowed, but not encouraged. The new people will be beautiful, and light-skinned, although they will have a permanent tan from being in the sun all the time. They will never age. They will not bear children. Their genes will be altered so that they will never get bored of living in the garden.

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idk, sounds like hell. I like to work. I don't like being naked, I like varied weather. I like a variety of food, and forcing people only crave a single food group is a dick move. Forcing everybody to be a whore is also some gay shit, including the gay shit, that's pretty gay DESU. Manipulating people to be content in your weirdo gay prison is pretty fucked up. kys, you nigger god. Or, come over here so I can do it for you.

What's with this cult copypasta?

shut up bitch

Your garden looks shitty too. It might be a nice showpiece to impress your gay friends when you have them over for gay orgies, but it's not a good living nekkid garden.

i am really wanting to hear all about your own vision of utopia, hot shot

Not that user, but what are utopias useful for?
They are predicated on being too good to actually exist, so why make them up and pine for them?

because it's interesting to think about

Will all the men be black and all the women white?

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I mean sure, but what about the notion that your utopia would be the hell of someone else?
How can you make a utopia that everyone likes?

Are you Pelops? Bring it on, you Harbor Freight god knockoff.

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That seems to be part of the plan. He'd make what he likes and then brainwash everyone to be mindless automatons programmed to think they like it too.

That's hell though.
You lose humanity in that scenario.

You're talking about somebody who lives in his parents' basement, jerks off all day, eats nothing but tendies and pizza bites, and pisses in a bottle. He has no connection to humanity.

>I don't like being naked
Lame. Being naked is based, if the weather is nice and there's no hazards around there is no reason to wear clothes. Any utopia or approximation of utopia should at least have nudity be permitted and fully normalized. If it were legal and I would get by with only occasional laughs and comments I wouldn't wear anything above my ankles from May to October.

i don't jerk off all day or piss in a bottle

>wearing shoes
What a little bitch.

But everything else he said is spot on?

You feel extra exposed that way, wearing shoes and nothing else in public would be orgasmic.

pretty much

You should get a social hobby and a job user.


Your vision of a utopia would improve once you actually care about people and have them care about you.
Right now it's just a frugivore fuck garden, because you don't know what would make other people happy.

it won't change, don't hold your breath