Should I go to college and get a normal job or do I become an internet person =p

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I just don't know which is better

One gets you money

But the other makes you happi doing what u want
...idk =p

who tf is Jamie

Jamie is me =3
(You can also call me james)

I'm at lunch rn

I don't eat food at lunch so I'm just bored and kinda hungry

are you that guy named Jamester on discord?

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I'm the trans lover wife of your dreams

Yis I am :3

Would it be wrong to train a dog to breed me O_o

This creepy troll can't stand that I'm a woman now :-P he just wishes he could be my husband

Guys I'm serious this transphobic troll is scaring me :-( I just want to be happy and trans. I can't even enjoy Any Forums....it's all I have. :'( This troll is hurting me

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When was the last time you washed your hair? Not being mean, genuinely curious

I'm trying to grow it long :-( I heard you're not supposed to wash it all the time to make it healthy. >_< I'm just trying to be a perfect wife

My hair was wet when I made that picture

Please stop this troll from copying me and trying to act like I'm not trans :-\ it's hurtful to my self image


Did you wanna date me or something ;-) only if you're cute (*_*) nyaaaaaaa

Who is trolling? ;3

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See troll I'm real and I'm trans and here to stay :-P

Why does these trolls keep putting numbers on my name....O_o

I'm autistic and I like numbers

You're a mean troll :-( I just wants fwens. Me being trans should not effect that.

We can be frens =3

Same fag.... Stop pretending to be your own trolls for attention . We don't care that you are trans

I'm so glad trans jamie posted a timestamped pic so that we know she's real and the transphobic poster is some angry dude

Thank you

:/ ok?

This is the most cringe inducing attention attempt ever....stop being your own trolls to say you're trans

:3 you don't need to keep adding numbers to pretend you're me

What the fuck are these threads

You know it's okay if you're trans too right? :-D We can be trans fwens

The low poster count does suggest that a lot of samefagging is occurring
Poor Jamie. She's going through a lot, I hope she's okay. Hope this doesn't mean she has a split personality

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This is sad....so much mental illness

This is legit so annoying tho
I am not transgender

But thank you (,=

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Nice Photoshop troll (+_+) but you're not convincing anyone here!

I'm not ashamed of being trans these trolls are truly annoying me!! >:-{

tfw you'll never have someone like OP worshipping your balls and dick for hours on end

why even live

If you're cute and wanna make me your loyal wife ;) maybe we can talk about it :-P