Racism is the most pathetic shit of all time

Racism is the most pathetic shit of all time.

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Wutchu mean nigga?

Without geographic isolation or racism races with weak genes like negros would disappear within a few generations

Look at this children, only 40% black because their white mother's superior genes prevail. Their children will be only 16% black, and their grand-grand-grandchildren will be pureblood whites with no trace of the black man left. Negro is extinct. Race mixing is the holocaust in slow motion.

its not working anymore, tranny.
your 4 year long raid was too obvious.
now people are becoming extra racist because you couldn't help yourself and were too annoying.

nah its really not. no one is racist against shit like the OP pic. post some ghetto ass niggers, thats what people are racist against. dumbfuck tranny.

based af another negro blood line ended lmao.

You should also have kids with a black man to end his bloodline.

>4 year long raid
jesus user you are actually mentally ill

nah i got a kid already she white.

This thread is the most pathetic shit of all time

You should raise her to fuck black men only.


dude do you realize how pedo-ish that shit sounds? your fucked in the head. seriously suck start a 12 gauge trannycuck.

White people are just pissed that they can't pick up the products of black culture and turn them into boring, whitebread shit anymore. Only one white guy has ever been decent at hip-hop, and he's a fucking joke now. Black athletes dominate pro sports. White women want black men because they're masculine and well-endowed.

Whites needed black labor to rape the land and build their empires. Now your former slaves are superior to you in every way, and you're having a complete mental breakdown about it.

What a delicious time to be alive. Whiteboy tears are refreshing and restorative.

those digits

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based quads

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I can't tell you how many times I have seen middle aged white dudes talk about how you need to raise your daughter in a way that shows them how a man should treat them. Equally pedoish

nah its totally diff one is talking about sexual shit one isnt. fucking kys troontard

Even HipHop was invented by whites. All the black man ever invented was slavery

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Shut the fuck up you retarded bitch. White men had no problem raping underage black girls during slavery. But someone suggesting you raise your daughter so she can pay reparations by fucking black men when she is an adult is now pedoish? Dumb cunt.

>HipHop was invented by whites
Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! Link to the Stormfront thread claiming this, please.

if i ever met you in person id smash your skull in with a 3 wood fucking pedo.

Your boyfriend is a pedo you dumb white bitch. Hope some blacks rape and kill you.