Hey b

You deserve to be heard, understood and forgiven

Loved too but cant do that

Let's Chat, i feel angry today

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We all good to post bulbasaurs in here?

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Do as u wish
I have no rules or standard

Altho, i encourage u to make a PokémonBox


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Idk what a PokémonBox is, like the hole you’d use on a Vaporeon for personal reasons? I’m just here to post bulbasaurs man I ain’t getting paid for this shit

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Was a thread made only for Pokémon porn

U sure have lots of yoshis

I think I seen that on Any Forums maybe,
Yeah they come and go really. I like to think I’m a pretty simple man, I see a Yoshi I click save you know? Think I got about 2TB now

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That's a whole lot
Keep the Gallery expsnding

Expanding you say? You know, expanding has always reminded me of another word.. just can’t think of what that word is exactly.. hmm.. a real head scratcher indeed..

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I know there's weird porn of huuuge growth/inflation


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No it started with g, sounded a little like the word ‘grape’..

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I only know grope, no relation to expanding tho


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U stinky user

What happened eevee user

Dropping a "hi" in a nice comfy thread. Hope your negative streak gets cut short soon, OP

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Im very angry at myself

How are you?

Thank you piggy user

Ill try to cry it out, but dunno, wish I didn't have to

Wish u get a really comfy time!

I am the user who has nothing left, right now i am in the middle of celebrations in my country
I might not be available the whole time, but I am doing relatively ok today.

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I remember now it was gape

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That's not a good way to identify u, not many have anything left
Not even time

Make sure to use your time for yourself, maybe try joining célébrations à little !

Thanks for stopping by

I like this
Yes, I will post mostly eevee!

The one who has a business and rents rooms lol
Also my mother is feminazi and so is my sister

Yus, i remembered

You have tons left, dont forget
Go Party and meet people

I hate parties, spent yesterday locked all night.

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I uuuh
Well I was thinking at how i treated people i did cared about
I am angry because i don't think I can really love or care

I don't even know if im upset for that or just because