You made it user! So what movie are we watching tonight??

>You made it user! So what movie are we watching tonight??

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Near Dark


Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

repo man with emilio estevez of course

Silence of the Lambs

If they talked like that I'd excuse myself. These are whores not goths

Laugh at them and call em clowns.
Send em Clow emojis daily
Give them names like bozo and pennywise
Fuck all of them

I'm not an incel by any means but the older I get the more than women who look like this make me irrationally angry

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Texas Chainsaw, same as last time

>Hope you don't mind that we started without you, user.

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The Craft

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Aight get ready bitches, we are gonna watch a manly movie.

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its crazy how much better looking 2 is out of them

I've slept with and dated a bunch of different women, but never actually had a long term relationship. Does it actually make life easier having someone who isn't obligated to love you, care about you and want you around?

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What makes them dress like this? What kind of personality does a woman like these have?


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For me, it's 4

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wouldn't YOU like to know, weather boy

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yeah its pretty good

these basics are not attractive to me at all

these goth sluts make me diamonds

2 3 1 4
2 is cute, 3 is passable too. something is wrong with 4 face and 1 looks creepy

Girl with black lipstick is named Ana. Thats all I know.

You'll never know with that attitude. It probably won't for you. You sound like you hate yourself.

Starlight on the right


they would probably love that movie actually

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Dude if you were going through what I'm going through right now you'd hate life too


Yes if the girl loves you and you love her it's peak comfy. Obviously there'll be fights from time to time but that's how humans work. Every time my gf does something for me without my asking I just get so happy on the inside

Steel Magnolias. Nothing makes a girl wetter than crying, wedding scenes and women gossiping and this movie has it all.

>Corpse Bride
>Edward Scissorhands
>Sleepy Hollow
Take your pick

Keith, Tyler, Andrew, Michael, John, Cole, Joshua, Paul...are these enough ?

the bar scene still makes me feel uncomfortable to this day

you are mentally fucked in the head if you think those are dudes user. Any Forums has destroyed your synapses, it is over

sign of kino
no, i just thought you want random names and i came up with those

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If I ever found myself in a situation like this in real life I would probably pass out from the anxiety.

you’re going to take turns watching my ballsack slapping against your assholes

It's okay user. We are all chudcels here.

I was constantly surrounded by goth and scene girls in my youth so I'd be fine here. Stick me in a room with some Stacies though and I'd have a heart attack.

For me its the one with the big boobs, the best kind of woman.

Penis Man: The Great Adventure (3D)

>user, what the fuck is this cartoon you've got saved on your computer?

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It's The Trap Door from 1986. The DVD version cuts off the intro so I had to download the full series. Also it's claymation so "cartoon" is somewhat inaccurate.

Bait post

>Also it's claymation so "cartoon" is somewhat inaccurate.
girls really love it when you correct them for being wrong, shows dominance, which they crave. if you're attracted to a girl you should definitely make sure to let her know she's wrong about things she claims to like and explain to her how to properly appreciate them. works even better if you avoid eye contact (more mysterious and sigma), and kind of mutter under your breath (think batman, which = sex in a girl's primitive mind)

The Crow and then Dark City. After that we can snuggle till we fall asleep!

The Crow

Kamen Rider The First and The Next.

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not wanting to be normies
they like toughness

The Crow obliviously

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Dr. Zhivago
Brieft Encounter
Bridge on the Rover Kwai

A Lean night

Nosferatu by Werner Herzog
Also get the fuck out of my house, I don’t want women disturbing me during my kino session

The Matrix
*proceeds to talk about schizo theories throughout the movie outloud*

everything women do looks so fucking stupid and fake. none of that looks natural. imagine instead five big city tom of finland homos just chilling and watching batman. it wouldnt look like a photoshoot, it would look reality

Under the Silver Lake.

>It's just a girls night, silly.

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for me, it's hell comes to frogtown

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Buckle up, wenches. We're watching the Star Wars prequels in my basement. Just please drink this before you go down.

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Why they all look so ugly?

turbo kid and after mad max: fury road.

>these basics are not attractive to me at all

because you are an insecure ugly loser, so you need your women to look ugly to make them feel more "approachable". of course both of these groups would laugh at you

you say ugly, i say interesting

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No Man's Land 8 of course! Thanks for waiting for me.

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OK, fat e-girl.

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yeah user, make sure you slump your shoulders and hunch a bit too, this communicates lack of caring, relaxation and that you don't have to put any effort into correcting her, you just naturally know things as a man.

>Stop projecting, user. Come have some tacos with us.

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>Malaysian basket weaving forums?
>Snap out of it babe and let's watch Tremors

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>tom of finland
Just looked him up, why would you even know who that is?

Thank you, but I'm married. Now please go back to /soc/ or something.

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who are these semen demons

He was on the stamps I received from my pen pals letters and it intrigued me.

>hop on, user!

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We're watching Dunston Checks In bitches.

>Snap out of it babe and let's watch Phantasm(s)

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Yes I do fucking mind, rewind it and start again you fucking cunts

Unironically imagine being in the middle of them and they all like you. How would you feel ? And how would it smell ?

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Imagine the smell

>implying i'm an applefag
nice try

There are like 3, maybe 4 attractive girls there. What a shitshow.

How many of these is a real female?


>Arctic Monkeys Hoodie/T-Shirt hanging over the chair

Aaaaaand dropped.

Why do they all look like my zoomer babysister?

nah, these are all hot imo, the rest debateable

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cheerleader effect is strong in that pic

Someone should tell her a time traveler from 2013 forgot his t-shirt in her room.

all the ones you circled in the bottom half are incorrect.

haff secks

i said "imo"

we are watching nikocado avocado kinos

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Pump Up The Volume.
Now i'll take number 2, with the black lips, please.

your "o" is wrong

the funny thing is that you can sit here in front of your computer screens but none of them would even so much as look, let alone talk, to any of you in real life, unless you were paying them hundreds of dollars

that's your o

Supernatural season 1 of course

haha imagine throwing a grenade in that room)

this literally is a staged photo though. I mean just look at the table, the drinks are water and coke, there's like four things to fill your taco with, none of the plates are used, one girl is just eat ice cream straight out the tub

I looked him up too. Kinda funny but somewhat interesting.

Lmao I remember when I got out with a group of girls like that. We went to a club that ended up fucking my left ear kek. I also ended up harassing one of them until she blocked me or something. Sneed

>i hate women post no. 2949249149
wow you are so original and unique dude

What does "rewind" mean? You mean like spinning the dvd disc backwards??

None of them look attractive, how is that even possible?

I'll take Ana first

Beat women. Beat children. Beat anybody who can't run away fast enough


Is it wrong I imagined them as trannies with cocks and I was fucking and kissing them.

it's not wrong, just kinda gay

beta cuck

>my wife has black male friends
You need to kill yourself.

lol you're such a massive fag

Womb tattoos are so trashy but they get me rock hard. Yes I know those are fake.

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My Dinner with Andre
Now make sure the surround sound is on

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No, trannies are a completely normal part of straight male sexual orientation in current year

Boku No Pico

>none of them would even so much as look, let alone talk, to any of you in real life
user, a girl who looks like number 2 talked to me when i was buying some anime related sht. Since i watched Hannibal and The Mentalist it was easy to get her phone number. 3 days later was one of the best bangs in my life. I still talk to her from time to time but i just got bored.

That's just white people shit.


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Images like this are really demoralising. I'll never get to fuck a room full of women like this, my girlfriend would never dress up like this for me.
So unfair.


Shame Ana doesn't have a couple inches more b00ba. Still cute tho.

Labyrinth; Bowie and JCon would get them all slippery

its not a big deal user, were you an only child?

Wha character are the cosplaying? I'm sure Eimi Fukada has a JAV where she's the same.

I'm pretty sure it's just generic succubus.

top right agreed
top left with white hair

that's it, the rest are fucking disgusting

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top left with white hair kinda iffy man

No I have a sister. I would always feel uncomfortable whenever she had friends over. Fortunately they could tell I was a sperg so they mostly avoided me.

well i wouldn't mind a goth gf but i am not goth so there's no chance...

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>love from khazakstan

Do you notice how almost all of them have a really ugly face

>>my wife has black male friends


ugly girls deserve love too user

BLACKED of course, and we'll be having more guests over tonight I hope you don't mind ladies

thats a dude

dressing up and being filthy in bed makes up for a busted face, and they aren't hideous

Bait or not, it’s real

>mfw I will never watch subspecies and make out with a girl(female) for the first time, ever, again

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oh to know so little, i envy you

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yes, big photoshoots like this are a form of charity from the ones with big followings to their ugly friends.

Yeah sure I'm just saying how men really overestimate women's attractiveness as long as they're not completely hideous

hideous. trannies are hideous.

I was a goth in Secondary School and I fucked 3 goth girls. Just because I had long black curly hair and was already 6 foot tall at 15, I was considered hot.
I'm 6'4 now, but I have a sort of Adam Driver face. I don't consider myself that good looking, but a certain kind of woman does.

if the body is not disgustingly fat or skinny, we will love it and that's a good thing

That's reposting proprietary content, delete. That's how she pays her bills

you sound like a preening mincing poseur faggot though

Without fail, insanely obsessed maniacs will mention trannies for no reason in every thread.

Here you go bros, just remember that masturbating is sin

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>group of goth chicks
I'd pick True Romance to ensure banging at least one of them

Maybe so, but it gets me pussy.

masturbation ? Bro i wanna exchange IMDB lists with them

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i dont know what to do with this information

what is this phenotype called

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semen demon

>big girl goth

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Patlabor 2

turns out they're all Brazilian or something and the one with big tits has implants. You should have just left us in the dark.

It's their insta handles grandad

these whores are absolutely caked in make-up and look nothing like that when they disconnect from the server

nice taste

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>i eat because im sad
>im sad because i eat

New waifu dropped

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I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.

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How many aliens cast members are in this?

A comfy movie we can watch in bed.

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>One knows what you are having for dinner, the other one knows when.


apparently the Underworld film series...

They should have made the bristles blue so that the the mouth looks like a blue iris, thus highlighting the worms' relationship with the spice (and also making it look less like a gaping anus). Huge wasted opportunity.

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>pink hair
fuck off whore

If I am talking to them in this manner, I would assume we are already friends and know what we like? Something we mutually enjoy in that case.

gothicc architecture

The very idea of being this close to so many naked women who would all be looking at me to take charge and do something almost sends me into a panic attack
I genuinely can't fathom being an object of a woman's attention or affection, I can't even picture what that would look or feel like, much less how you wouldn't just fuck everything up immediately by acting like a spaz. I don't know how people do it

holy based

Just make some tacos and watch the movie. What is there to be worried about?

> that a hair color that's not natural ? AAAAAAAAAAH I'M GOING INSANE SAVE ME JESUS !!!!!!!

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You circled 2 possible trannies. Get your eyes checked

>missing the point
nobody had brightly colored hair in the 90s, thats a post 2015 trend

>not asian
>blue eyes
>tan skin

>nobody had brightly colored hair in the 90s
you knew every girl who lived in the 90s ? Also that's retarded, there's even movies with shit like that

>What is there to be worried about?
>burger tacos
>shit himself
>everything's fine

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poor attempt at bait

whores in the 90s were more chaste than nuns are today

Does all those weird “tricks to show dominance” actually work? Ive been called unattractive by landwhales have dated superstacies, fucked blacks girls, and been rejected by an asian girl. Who knows wtf women even want?

those are all actual girls, maybe you're seeing trannies where there aren't

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What a zinger

I had a movie night with 4 girls the other day it was fucking awesome. Sat between them all and they call cuddled me from each side. Only two are fuckable but it feels really good to have a bunch of bitches cuddling you, lads. No sex though :(

people actually believe this lmao

s-sry girls, I don't have a Netflix subscription but I do have a laptop and an HDMI cable haha

did you a bonner the whole time?

I have a fairly active social life. Not everyone here is a basement dwelling kissless virgin loser.

Almost 40% of mean girls lmfao

>hard shell tacos with lettuce, shredded cheese, and pace salsa
Oh lawd I’m laffin

i got kicked out of middle school for having a bright blue mohawk

I had blue hair in the 90s lmao

I'm so fucking lonely, dudes

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nice. I would have had to do a tactical unload on the way home.

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I've also come here to dunk on you for being wrong.

You're now aware that there are unironic gigachad guys out there who just have a harem of girls living with them and they're all okay with sharing him. This is real for them, not a ironic meme on an imageboard that you giggle at for a second before moving on

Imagine "which girl should I take to bed tonight" being a legitimate question that you have to answer, total sincerity.

Mike W?

Omg I'm so sorry user. I had no idea life was so hard for you. Did someone see you do something stupid, or did you do a wrongthink?

>there are unironic gigachad guys out there who just have a harem of girls living with them and they're all okay with sharing him
Yeah it's called being an Arabian oil sheik


Ana Maria Luisa Vicente is so fucking hot. Imagine being her boyfriend and doing the sex with her.


these bitches low key mid af fr

they share everything

They aren't real goth sluts. They're just whores, user.

It's always funny when obsessed fuckers like you keep clocking biological women

The Crow

Yeah sure but nowadays the simulation has become more real than the reality itself. Especially since everybody thinks everything on the internet is real and all the women actually look like that 24/7 without hiding behind seven filters

Rest Stop

You dumb faggot. Lol

We're on Any Forums now you can post he nudes.