Anybody over 30 years old should be banned from the internet

Anybody over 30 years old should be banned from the internet.

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Show some respect for the anons that never left, they're well over 30. Kill yourself on cam for us

no u

I don't respect people just because they were born before me, retard

anyone born after 1995 should be banned from the internet.

Sorry zoomer, here to stay. How does it feel you missed the golden age of video games and the internet?

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Yeah we need more corporate dick suckers falling for every scheme to be turned into a useful idiot. This post was sponsored by raid shadow legends.

I got to experience the golden age of video games and the internet when I was a child, I'm sorry you are so old and worn out

CS:GO is a good game. I like it a lot. I'm very inconsistent with aiming but I think my game sense is good

Kek probably a silver

It's not like senior citizens and cars kid. Here people cheer for you when you run some dumbass kid over. NOW COME'ER!

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Anybody under 18 cannot post here, please return when you are 18+ op u underaged faggot

Anyone who types 'kek' should be catapulted into space and left there until a black hole claims their body.

there is literally more than a decade in between being 18 and 30 you fucking decaying brain retarded old man

2,8k hours and Gold Nova 2. Just end me. To my defense, euro servers are full of russians and I like hostage mode so even more russians. I'm still shit.

It doesn’t mean shit when your a kid, it’s the full experience when your a teen me in your early adult.

no, you should respect people who grew up before the smart phone brain damage algorithms where deployed on the masses.

we can actually still think for ourselves

it means more when you're a kid tbh, sounds like your child hood was boring

Remember when a phone was this thing stuck onto a wall with cord on it?

well I don't, they're just boomers angry at the world changing

I bet you believe in god and fox news.

Who convinced you of that and what changes are they railing against?

>waaah smart phones
literal boomer

I mean smart phones are neat and all, but I don't get why people are staring down into them all of the time.

Good rule


Anyone who's old enough to sit without a carseat should regurgitate shit oldfags say.

"Sharpie in Pooper"

this is why you are a boomer