What no WWYD: Nasty Torture Edition? Let’s hear your inner psychos, user

What no WWYD: Nasty Torture Edition? Let’s hear your inner psychos, user

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I’d stick that bottle that’s on the floor up her ass then paddle her until it breaks

Take her to a nice dinner and make sure she gets home safely by nine o clock

Do your worst to this btitish slut

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I’d draw all over her stomach using a soldering iron.

she is such an attention starved slut she would probably love that anyway I have always wanted to tie her up when she comes home drunk one night and attach her clit and nipples to a car battery

I would have sex with her in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

Take her to see that fucking jurrasic park movie with the dinosaurs, make her sit on my lap. Laugh really loud, make other people feel uncomfortable. Take her back to my place, show her how to use the ‘source’ button on my TV remote to switch to HDML3 incase she wants to play Xbox 360 when im sleeping

Mmm hell yeah

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why lol when you could do anything

I'd give her clarinet lessons. After that we could wash my dog with a garden hose out in the yard. Can anyone say pizza party?

Ten years locked inside a room listening to this


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Is Grace useable?

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Too far, even for /b

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I bet she’d scream so loud if I took a drill and drove a drill bit through her clit to do an in dungeon piercing

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She wouldn’t be on that boat if she wasn’t usable, idiot.

Seems usable. Asian fuck dolls usually enjoy living in boxes. Sadly she’s too old to bind her feet

Stroking and want to hear what you’d do with my step daughter

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Kidnap you both and make her eat your ass and service you for weeks on end. If she failed to make you cum, she would be punched in the face and cunt repeatedly and locked in a box for a minimum of one week being given only water to drink while I actively pissed and shit into openings in her box.

Send her to a cabin in the woods for a surprise vacation.
She gets there only to find you with a hard on and a bunch of men wrestling her to the ground in front of you. Forcing her mouth on your cock. She gets fucked by every man there but her mouth doesn't leave your cock.
Then we play a magic trick and make her disappear into the world of sex trafficking which she has to suck dick to eat

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