Does she have any nudes?

Does she have any nudes?

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Eat shit retard. Fuck off to /r/. Sage

That's a dude

Obvious photoshop.

lol die slow

It's F1NN5TER. he's a man who dresses as a woman.

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very hot, but just a boy dressing fem.

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why the fuck are you calling a guy a she you fucking piece of shit. You are the dumbest fucking idiot in existence

You wish nigger. Sage

let's kill that boner.

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I hope so

Because that is the pronoun that she goes by.


lockdown is a hellavu drug.

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So is hrt, love those tits

yeah, they're made of rubber, bro. not even bolt ons.

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He mad

I'll snatch this cuntboi and give him real ones