Waifu bar

Waifu bar

>Get coffee
>Wake up
>Get out of my head
>enjoy warm bread

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no I will not get out of your head
i am going to piss on the bread

one coffee please

*shits in a mug*
Here bro!! Nice and steamy! :D


It's the grease mead.
Yeah I can feel that kek
Oh I see, then yeah the ones I mean are from the company, went to have a look.

Nothing else along with it? Just chicken?

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I can't do anything for that moron from here. Best I can recommend is a lobotomy.

He really got them hemorrhoids stirred up.

From the company I couldn't find a good figure for my life. And for the bad ones they charge an arm and a leg. Probably the only way they can still keep the company afloat.

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conversations about fucking what nigger
literally what

>personality is being fat

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and guns!!!

no, dude, that's not funny.. the fat part is. I'm imagining this fat slob going for walks just so he can complain about being too fat. He only eats at mcdonalds on purpose and moans about how losing weight is hard even tho he doesn't even try to lose any.

i also have other fast foods!
i never find losing weight to be very hard honestly
just cut back or cut sugar add more veggies and bingbongboom you can lose like 20 pounds in a month or two as long as you arent super lazy

but no i don't try very hard lately
you try having a fucked up ligament and nerve in your nutsack and hip see how that works put for you lol

oh and falling out a vehicle moving 30mph
and fighting bigger people in high school
oh and being fed poison for some years too
what else is there?
i think thats it

>talks about nutsacks
>while having one so small
Oh the great irony lole.

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I wish it was so easy for me. I'm not fat but I wanna put on a liiitle more but it never works.. can I have some of ur fast food?

Ah yeah and precancer all over in me. UwU feel sowwy for me pureesu UGUU

I have both...

I don't buy food for strangers unless its a cute girl, not a ugly tranny like you.

He has two nutsacks?
God he's retarded.

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yeah and 4 testicles 4 eyes 4 breasts 4 chins and 3 legs hurr durr

>and he said his shitposts are funny
For a 12 year old maybe. Maybe that's why he's a virgin pedophile.

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you keep replying and claim to be laughing
must be pretty funny then

Hey now, I might not be the most handsome man out there but I'm not a tranner

Them hemmis got really stirred up, fat pedo troon if you feel attacked by every reply. Better get your sky mask on and shill your guns.

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I'm still not gay

That's fine, I don't dislike hetero people.

>sell my guns
hell no
though I would kind of like a galil pistol or x95 in muh 300memeout lately so I have been thinking of selling or trading something

I don't buy food for people unless I get something out of it, like cute girls being cute

You sound very poor. I don't like poor people. Are u poor?

He's so fat, he can't even read lole.

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hell yeah I am
but I do buy expensive shit
no one else I know has dumped as much money into a gun as me lol

I gave you a list to use
make new material with it you bitch

you bad bad dirty gay bitch

Stale. Just like the mold you got under your man tits lole.

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That's a weird hobby. I don't rly like you now because u are poor.

Feeling lonely cuckashi? Want some replies too?

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>still obsessed with my tits

guns are not a weird hobby
not if you're AMERICAN


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>didn't deny the stench

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I'm not american, I'm german

how pitiful...
at least you guys got 187 strassenbande

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