What is the name again?

What is the name again?

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Ellen Degenerous.

Honest question here.

As a straight man I can jerk off to this yeah? I mean it’s literally born a female and that nipple was on titties once upon a time. It’s not really gay is it?

Ellen the Mutelated


Chick was cute LONG ago. She ruined herself. Him sure few them producers had fun with her and pissed in her mouth.

That Burn Gorman, my dude.

Wow who is this handsome boy?

who the fuck is this and why should i care?

I think they should cast him as the Prince in the new Little Mermaid.
Watch conservative heads explode.

I'd fuck him, would that make me gay?

You can jerk off to raccoons if you want to

His name is Elliot Page you bigot

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Elton Presley

Slightly kek'd

It would mean you are degenerate.
You are literally fucking a woman with mental issues. It wouldn't be any different than fucking a woman with late stage dementia.
You sick fuck.

You know what they say, crazy in the head, crazy good in bed.

She was so cute
A shame she chopped herself up like that

Whatever helps you rationalize your perversions.

MTF troons are clowns taking their agp fetish too far

FTMs are a crime against humanity

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Ellen Page

Took me forever to realize this was the cunt from juno I remember seeing that shit advertised everywhere when I was younger
Would've never guessed to cute chick I'd beat off to would become a dude

his name is Faggy faggot mcfagface ... With an f not a ph

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doesnt matter if its gay or not. you have to something you can enjoy and thats good for you

Justin Bieber

Man the jab really fucked him up.

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We can rebuild him. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Bendthatdick Cuminbitch