Why cant I get any girls?
I'm 7/10 atleast?

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Show bussy

•are on HRT (in b4 "i'm not tranz )-: ")
• have gross looking little pointy titties
• are a sperg who doesn't know how to even talk to people
• have severe mental problems
• have no interests or talents
• know nothing about anything that doesn't directly involve you
• have no future plans
•are kind of an asshole to people despite all that

You're like the least attractive person possible, 2/10 would be too kind

I'm just so scared to tell anyone I know in real life that I'm trans :-(

Stop being lewd ;-) I just want a strong husband to hold me close

Would it be wrong to train a dog to want to breed me O_o I'm just curious....

Nah I think I'm about an 8
You just don't know a high quality guy when you see it

get a life, loser.

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Can't find one without showing the goods.

Please >.< I just want to be a good wife to a strong man


>I'm A not B
>I'm B not A
>lol i'm trolling you

You're just a kid saying shit for attention, that's all you are.
and its very tiring, and eventually you'll born through the anons here who don't know you and they'll dox you and harass your parents until they take away your Internet.

You've been warned.

Jamie do you stream video games

Only games where I can play a cute anime girl so I can feel more like the anime wife I want to be

:,-( I don't wanna lose my internet! I won't be able to get my meds I need to become a beautiful wife

My thread got hijacked by this transphobic troll again...

Personality is also important

why? because you're made to take dick. accept it, become a nice little bottom.

I'm trying to make myself into the most perfect anime loyal wife to a handsome loving man! (*_*) What can I do better? :-(

I want to be loyal to a strong husband! He's the only one that will be allowed in my hole anymore! :'(

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