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That casting actually looks alright

I mean at least she looks like him. right skin tone and hair color, unlike the title character…


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Tbh i really thought about it and i mean, kids deserve to have heros with their color of skin i guess its just normal even if its the same story and i guess it have to be the same story because kids just need heros and if they can talk about a common thing its good too

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Ariel wasn't really much of a hero in the story, brotato.

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>reddit thinks is unfunny
>is funny

No one is going to buy that someone who looks like that can swim well

Fuck. Lost.

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I heard the movie is pretty short, clocking in at just under 7 minutes. Because she drowns immediately.

she will never be a real man

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>Make our own
You mean enslave people to make it for you then kick them out

kill yourself whitey

Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free



Your sister gets my milk for free

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Would be funnier if I had a sister

You know her as "mom"

>implying Ariel doesn't eat clams

She’s actually an escort so you’d still have to pay, pretty upscale actually. Like $1500 an hour in-call. And dammit if that meretrix isn’t strict about payment


First thing in the thread to make me lose. Well played!

Lost, fuck

Say what you like about Page's gender or pronouns, but that person is extremely white.

I'm disappointed the staff didn't play along at least for a while.

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I like this image

Or Netflix makes it