I miss my ex

I miss my ex.

It's been 5 years, but I'm nowhere near having another relationship.


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I miss my ex too, i been single 8 damn years

Imagine how great these years could've been in a relationship

yeah imagine all the cuddles

And the pillow talks

all the meals shared, all the movies watched together, all the night time walks

Exotic holiday trips

is ur ex a bear? i am literally the person in the picture

Are you hairy? I have a fetish for body hair and big firm beer guts.

not a lot, say medium body hair and i got a beard going on
weight 310 (assuming ur amerifag so i converted)

I'm europoor. But that bodyhair thing is a very strong fetish, can't do without

140kg then lel

I'm a bit tempted to ask for details, like age, height, whether you're a big man in general or it's just fat

27 180cm

Bear enjoyers in this thread, you love to see it

i feel like i'm in the middle of chub and bear

I have a friend who's very big and super hairy. First sex with him was just magical

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I feel like I accidentally wandered into a gay bar. So now I know what that feels like.

Same, kinda.
It's been 8 years, I'm FINALLY over her.
She messaged me recently and told me she got really fat, and that made me realise I'm definitely over it.
She ruined love for me though, not even really bothered with sex since her.

im free for anyone who wants, TG @amkoh0