ITT ugliest woman wrestler in your opinion + prettiest woman wrestler in your opinion

>ITT ugliest woman wrestler in your opinion + prettiest woman wrestler in your opinion
Would you Ruby Keibler?

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Brittany Murphy?

Nia Jax (ugliest) and Liv (prettiest)

>Would you Ruby Keibler?
Of course I would. I'm a desperately lonely 30 year old virgin, I would take literally anyone at this point or i might hang myself

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This looks almost hot but that nose. That's the type of chick who would have to settle for porn. Stacy is way hotter.

This one is actually not bad, probably because Nia actually wouldn't look that bad either if it weren't such a fatass.

Nia was fine as fuck before she got fat. Her old modeling photos were fap worthy.

Mandy and Carmella or Liv and Charlotte?

Ruby the prettiest right? She’s my wrestlefu

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So ruby riot is the pretty one and the other literal who is the ugly one right?

This faggot ass bait doesn't even deserve a (You)

Sasha Banks and Momo Watanabe

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Both are hot desu

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Appreciate the results, thanks

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Riho and Chyna

Interesting, thanks

Miss Baker

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Gigi Dolin and Big Swole

Looks like the perfect trashy MILF that goes after boys half her age.

would like to see this one fr.

Holy fuck I would.

looks like a upper caste desi girl holy yumola

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That's just 50% of Italian women

There isnt a single good photo of Swole but Gigi made up for it

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meh. looks more like chyna. manly.