More yummy shitters

more yummy shitters

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VOW implied that the Luigi Pizza guy will show up in WWE

>tony is trimming people from his roster and booking around his top stars
>HHH is hotshotting debuts every week
very interesting indeed


>not people being talked about

But he already rehired Krossetty & Slop Dolla

kek what a boring fed. I’m so glad the pendulum is swinging back around here to everyone favouring AEW, cause this “durrrr Paul is gonna make wwe good you’ll see” shit is tiresome.

>“durrrr Paul is gonna make wwe good you’ll see”
A lot of that had to be shitposting since even most E-Chads have always despised Paul's booking, specifically, black and gold NXT.

e-drones are contrarians by nature

Everyone else is sucking Paul's dick, if it was contrarianism they'd be burying Paul.

sorry mistype. I meant egods are based by nature

*Dean returns to reunite with his Shield BROTHERS*

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aew is still trash only redditurd pedo troons watch

Jake Paul

Lol i told you hhh will kill wwe

Jack Evans and Teddy Hart


>swinging back around here to everyone liking AEW
That literally never happened, at best it was about even but AEW has been clearly more shit on than it has been praised here for a very long time and you are delusional to even try to pretend otherwise

But user, Dynamite was getting A HUNDRED gamethreads a week!

YashBros... SOON

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Kek and half of the threads are people shitting on the show but they won't ever acknowledge that. They have probably convinced themselves it was just the omnipresent bitchtits spamming over and over from multiple devices.

more e drone lies

I can't wait for Timothy Thatcher to show up on Smackdown