Why does Jim Cornette dickride Punk so hard? Is it purely because he hates the Elite...

Why does Jim Cornette dickride Punk so hard? Is it purely because he hates the Elite? I can ignore the spiel he occasionally mentions about 'right-wing nutjobs' but this whole Punk saga is a little frustrating to listen to.

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Punk is a known big time draw
Bucks are a draw but not main event national level

Also in Cornys mind Bucks spotfest matches expose the business, the fact that they look like track running teenagers instead of body builders exposes the business, and they exclusively work the style he loves (tag) while simultaneously ruining it with a style he hates (spotfests). All that together means he will side with anyone who opposes them

They’re both insufferable libcucks

Punk and Cornette are alike in almost every single way

So in cornys mind getting tickled by a Best Buy employee in front of millions doesn’t expose the business? then breaking your foot crowdsurfing like a fragile retard and crying doesn’t expose the business?

corny above all else wants wrestling or the wrestlers to come off as real and believable people. He knows there is room for comedy in wrestling but your main event stars shouldn't be acting like goofy children at all times.
In his mind the bucks are phony spot marks who have political power because tony is their friend. He has a personal hatred for Omega because of the RoH incident and Omega wrestling the blow-up doll cemented his hatred.
cm phil was their biggest draw before the injury and he speaks his mind, which includes shit talking the elite.


Are you saying phil isn't a shit talking asswhole in real life?

Listen Kenneth, it might be hard for you to understand, seen as Punk is a bigger draw than you'll ever be, but Punk has done nothing wrong, Punk has good matches, Punk has good angles. Its you and your ballerina buddies whos shit and should fuck off my TV screen.

>Is it purely because he hates the Elite?
Yes, he wants to use Punk to politick the Elite out of the company so he can destroy and/or take full control of AEW. We all saw how well this harebrained scheme worked last Sunday when Punk went insane and started fighting the EVPs that Cornette has been trying to get people to attack for years.

Corny is a severe autist that is hold a decade old grudge for Kenny not wanting to do his Ninja tutle memorial mudshow abd choosing to work in Japan. Guys like that invent ideas and rationalizations for why the object of their hate ios the worst thing in the world and its totally not because they are petty mandchildren

Corny unironically believes that Phil has mega level jiu jitsu skills and could tie Omega up into a pretzel in a shoot.

That idiot is going to ignore this and play stupid, posting this same question over and over for weeks. Let these AEW retards stew in their own seethe

fpbp, but is also actually based

>Ninja tutle memorial mudshow
tony bought that Ninja turtle memorial mudshow lol

Kenny should go on Jim's show just for the hell of it

He isn’t a believable wrestler and that’s all that matters

Tell that to the bucks after one got knocked out and the other got a black eye.

Didn't read any of this just wanted says bad ass post baby keep it up. I like the twist that this was a combined punk AND cornette seethe post. Very efficient.

It really sucks Jim is an old man now so I can’t heem him

Is Phil a believable wrestler to you because ace steel threw a chair at someone?

Ace steel was busy chomping on kenny

If it wasn't for Punk's politics and being against The Elite he'd be finding reasons to hate him like being skinnyfat and not drinking with teh boyz.

Because Punk brings in the views. Sure Punk may not be a TV draw but most smarks are on in the internet.

Sounds like he did everything to protect his bf.

If you say so

Jim Cornette is so deep into his gimmick that he actually believes it

Ever see a cuck twirl? Mmm wouldn’t want to get hit by that

It's that Punk is good on the stick, is one of maybe four wrestlers to have popped mainstream attention in twenty years, and that he told WWE to stick it up their ass. I don't think he knows about Punk appearing on the backstage show lately, because I think it's mostly the latter reason. In Cornette's mind, Punk walked away on his own terms and is picky with what he wants to be part of.

That isn't a gimmick.