>Fucking Tantrum-Chucking Rats
>always chucking tantrums
>always running to Daddy Cornette and morbidly obese Brian Last
>got bullied by Shawn Michaels in WWE and it broke them so badly they based their entire personality around Bret Hart
>got worked into a shoot by the literal boomer version of DX
>cried that they were misused in WWE
>cry that they are misused in AEW
>their gimmick is that they hold the tag ropes
>named themselves after a throwaway BTE line
>named themselves Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler
>had bad matches with the Lucha Bros
>had a bad match with Kenny Omega and Adam Page
>hold belts hostage
>grovels up to CM Punk like pathetic cucks to try and give themselves more sway backstage
>never drew a dime
>backstage cancers
>midgets but want to be taken seriously as tough guys and old school wrestlers
>are gay

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>>got bullied by Shawn Michaels in WWE and it broke them so badly they based their entire personality around Bret Hart

Meltzer made a comment about one of the people who are publicly complaining about only "one side of the story" being told is the same person who comes to him directly with stories whenever anything happens.

I'm 99% sure he's talking about Dax


Meltzer is doing damage control for the Elite and the fanboys are doing the usual thing of taking a cue to attack people the Elite don't like, this time focus is back on FTR.

FTR Bald seems like a huge faggot, FTR hair seems alright.
That's my impression of them.

Tony gave them 3 title belts to appease their whining but they still aren't happy

Sure thing Matt and Nick, whatever you say
haven't one of you got to get checked for a concusion?

You're absolutely right, these elite fans are fucking gay. Just defend your gay daddies somewhere else, no one seriously gives a fuck. Just shitpost about wrestling

Ftr bald is crying all the time and talking too damn much. Ftr hair seems like a good dude.
Ftr hair also said he wants to stay together in a tag and not do singles stuff ever. As soon as ftr bald got the chance he ran off and does singles stuff.

Kek Dave so transparently just got another call from omega he had to dump his notebook and provide us the context of why omega was acting retarded on purpose

They need to return to their WWE brothers and fulfil their destiny

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Meltzer was saying it was funny after the fight that the only info he heard came from "one side" and that it "wasn't the side people think" because the Bucks went silent and Dax was leaking everything to him

btw Kenny was only there to help the dog and you have to take that at face value.

I don't know where that claim came from and I don't really believe it

>constantly looking to face and job out well established tag teams so they can “build their legacy”

biggest smallest marks in the current era

Why are Elitefags worked into such a seethe by these guys?

Because they are naturally insecure and defensive just like the wrestlers they worship and take every insult of them as a personal attack on themselves

>best tag team in the world
>makes Any Forums seethe
They’re alright in my book

You confused FTR with the Young Bucks

Dave specifically named Chuck Taylor as being there at the fight and Chuck wasn't suspended so clearly he was Dave's source.
He is friends with the Bucks.
You can tell who Dave got his information from by the way he words it because he regurgitates exactly what is said to him.
When he did his "I am clearly not biased, by the way Punk is bad and the Bucks are good" rant a week ago on WOR he was speaking exactly like Matt Jackson does on BTE. He went on a big diatribe about what Omega is doing in Japan right now and it was clearly a combo of a text from Kenny and Tony Khan explaining it as PR.

Lol Dave literally outing sources so he can babyface the elite