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Mmm Joe Hendry
Local Hero

He's back?

Not a huge signing but Impact needs all the help they can get.

>AEW makes cheap references to WWE to pop the smarks
>impact makes cheap references to AEW to pop the smarks
it's a fucking human centipede

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huh? wat you mean?



Has he gone back to doing the comedy skits as part of his character? The second he stopped doing them I stopped giving a shit about him because he just became an average guy

what the fuck

Feel bad for this dude a bit, kind of a shitter but he was posting on twitter about his age and how he thought he'd be in NXT years ago

how is impact still running? I try but it's just fucking terrible.

I believe in Joe Hendry.
I also believe in this guy.


Based user remembering Truth's promo from years ago that we still reference around the house to this day.

…and Joseph Connors?

is joe hendry the guy who used to sing with his guitar before his match at ROH? or i'm mistaken with another guy?

Vintage TNA

Kino is back on the menu

le meme music man