Kingsbridge, Devon edition

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I can't believe the Queen is dead

hey britfags, just passing by, hows everyone doing?

Long Iive the King

hope i die in my sIeep tonight

stalking ruth

afternoon liddingtons, just made meself a cuppa

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whachta doin anglo boi

that does not sound good mate, go for a walk sometime today

no love, no contributing

wish i had some chocolate in for tonight

I have just got myself a job lads

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Getting a job is for happy people.

Stalking Lauren T


they always have cute names

This probably seemed hotter in your head.

They're called knickers, btw

Feel bad for that lad yesterday who said he's resigned himself to being unhappy forever but thinks he should still have a gf.

The dimly lit, grimy boxroom and the fact they're obviously his mum's knickers is the icing on the cake for me.

His mum must still be very sexually active if those are her knickers

hmmmm you seem suspicious to me. take off that pant, watcha hidin' there bloody boi

i had a nice date when i was 17 with a nice 16 yo guy and we had a nice time, held hands, watched the movie, and then we kissed at the end of the date
in kinda snowy wintery time
two of our friends from other highschools introduced us to each other

and skipping french and turning up with his t shirt at school and him.. oh you both have the same..... no we sexed each other last night
im surprised i even fit into this ridiculous 5'7
im 5'9


Wiggly jiggly boo