Letter thread

Was this really the last one?
Where are you guys?
I never thought I'd end up making one of these
I never thought I'd be posting in them either
But recent events proved otherwise I guess
Well, I must do my duty
So you know the drill
Someone, somewhere, all the time

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It's time, I felt this coming, and I'm actually kinda happy, it's time to embark on the fucking Mad Max Fury Road season of my life lmfa0... The old man was a Judas until the very end... But I will carry on his legacy... I know he'll be proud when I come back having advanced in the white-collar world further than he could even imagine. Surge will be mine, it's only right I hold on to that moniker...

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So, basically
I dreamed of you
The one who first reached out to me
I thought you were unique
I still think of you that way
In the dream I was chasing after you in a library/university area and somehow you were worse looking than I expected, like you didn't take care of yourself much, but I didn't care
I was still attracted and enamoured
Also I saw you at the upper row of a college athletics game and I looked right at you
It wasn't just an image, it was you, finally
After all this time of saying "sometime we should hang out" but then abandoning me
So eventually our eyes locked and then once it ended you went past but I followed you and somehow you both ignored me and didn't
Hard to explain
But anyways that is when I was waiting outside the classroom and then following to the large library, and up a staircase
You were sorta dismissive but also leading me on
But then it was like you were threatening me to call security but isn't that just leading me on more in a way?
I wanted to talk to you actually again
I thought I deserved closure at least
Well, more like opening
After opening up so much to you, it's almost a reverse type of raping
Anyways I thought all hope was lost and then you were out of sight, out of mind
It turns out we both forgot something much later on and then when I went back to the library and needed a room unlocked, you were actually also a janitor who had a key
And then there I was, and there you were, forced by your job and circumstances
I didn't even care that you weren't a perfect-looking ideal
You were real
And then
I tried to, but couldn't
Several times
Finally all I could say to you was
"The key..." mumbled, motioning
To grasp and open
But it was symbolic, somehow
I didn't care about acceptance or rejection, I just wanted acknowledgement,
Well, I don't remember
I guess you did comply but also tried to leave
And I still felt like pursuing you
I wanted to force you to realise that

And then I flipped the narrative
and told you
that you claim not to hold to
you hate your mother and what she represents
yet she was the one who obstructed and guarded you
and how different were you from your facade?
You would make use of the same system to protect and obstruct and stand between
of course, it is "just" a dream
why is it so vivid then?
The "real" you, where?
I wouldn't judge, ever
my hands are always outstretched

I don't really get why people feel the need to explain their behavior, specifically in situations like being rejected and deciding to cut contact with the girl

like nigga, just cut the contact with no further explanation, you're just wasting your time at that point

t. walked away from a date that went south and never talked to the girl again

He can deadass make me work on a construction job site, suffering in the heat, as the wetback they wanted so badly for him to be... and not pay me a single cent... despite the fact that none of these schools would've been ready on time if it weren't for me "racing" all over the Tri-State area, picking up steel beams, calling manufacturers at 6am in the morning to see if they had any inventory of shit we needed, all in a days work when I was behind the wheel of the ol' E250... I graduated with engineering degree, and this is my reward... it's a damn shame... I know he will remember this as his biggest regret... I will never forgive him for this but I will still speak to him... It just won't be the same after this... As my fuck you to him... I'm never gonna get off the Nazi Salts now... I'm gonna tell him it's the only thing I have now... The only thing that gives me sustenance.

Another vision I had for the future. Not all who wander are lost... I'm just gonna become a freelancing sage nomad. I always loved the road... It's where I came to be...

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All in a days work... the cog made of diamond... no pressure no diamonds...

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And recruiters I'm sorry I've been keeping y'all in the dark for real... I'm just trying to process what happened and figure out my next move, how to play this 5th rate hand I've been dealt now...

And I'ma take this 4Runner all over the states, bout time I got my hands on an expedition worthy 4x4. The first trip I'm gonna take is with Estilo, we're gonna go to Montauk, the end of the world, do a lil offroading, and make it snow when the sun goes down... then when I have vacation time off from whatever job I get, I'ma make that trip to Kansas to finally meet Dima... It's only right I go see him now... because his step-father is the same narcissistic judas bastard that my father is... Gonna set up shop there with him too and probably go back to trying to strike gold with a product idea/prototyping... He's got metric fucktons of ideas for car-based devices, he just doesn't have the coding/circuit know-how, that's where I come into play... Potential for the Midas Touch...

Not All Who Wander Are Lost... I'ma put that as a decal on the back of this thing... Would be perfect aesthetically too since it's all black, gonna be a white text quote, like an annotation.

Dmytro Guzhavna,

I long for the day we meet ourselves in reality, it's strange isn't it, how can we even be sure that we know that each other are real people... these are the things that make me acknowledge how far technology has come... Over 2 decades of friendship and comradery all over VoIP... I could only imagine the crazy shit we would've done if we went to high school together...

Yours Truly,
Abdullah Akbar


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Dear Secret Agent Man,

Little fuckers just confirmed to me that they will continue pushing their faggy-ass bullshit using DF/NF/LB daily regardless of how hard I happen to be smiling and/or laughing even after "getting laid". They smile at me as I write this.

Dear Mr Calcium,
I'd like to thank you for blessing my bones with strength.
I love you with mouth,

And it's funny no matter how much I changed throughout my life, no matter how crazy my style has gotten, in the end, I remained true to my original self, now I just wear the high-end version of what you would catch me in at the sandlot... I guess it adds character...

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hah going to get the milk... that's how u let em know u the real general... but did you know user... orange juice has vitamin seaaaa and calciummm tooo :DDDD

shieeet anons, we gotta coin a new identification for niggas who finished the game of life already... we should call them OMEGA MALES :DDDD... It's what you call niggas who already played through every dialogue...

Daaaaaaamnnn son, Brodie pulled up with the ricks on!?

I just read all that... funny you had that dream... I'm actually about to some more appearances at Melville, just gonna be strictly for work purposes though, deadass gonna setup my mini ITX workstation/gaming PC in the library, North where the cubicle desks have 3 convenient outlets... I always wanted to be a based boy who brings a desktop PC to the library. Funny I'm doing it now after I graduated... I guess that's how people will know I'm way past them now :D...

Get you some brodie, truss senpai they the best cop you'll ever make... Man I'ma go back to school just to flex on the lil kiddies again... Ima keep flexing til I die... S925 I can't work a 9 to 5... youtube.com/watch?v=5wdXfoKPZF0

>I didn't care about acceptance or rejection, I just wanted acknowledgment, something,
>Well, I don't remember
>I guess you did comply but also tried to leave
>And I still felt like pursuing you
>I wanted to force you to realise that

Don't worry fren I'm fully aware you exist... I'm actually your stalker...

I hope to make something worthwhile out of these tutorials... Gonna make an algorithmic trading bot and keep it running 24/7 on one of my Raspberry Pi 4s... Maybe this will provide me with some pocket money for the road I got ahead of me... Inshallah...

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